Monday, September 15, 2014

OMC Triathlon 2014 + Other Birthday Fun

Good morning and Happy Monday!

This is the first week of my fourth decade, so I plan to make it great.  

But first, let’s talk about this triathlon.  I mean duathlon. 

Dan, Ina, my mom, and I all arrived at Kill Creek Park about an hour before my heat was supposed to start, which seriously helped to decrease my anxiety.  I don’t know why, but I always think I am going to be late to a race, although it has never happened.

It was extremely foggy and cold, which made the lake look super inviting.  

IMG 8166

I set up my transition, kicked off my sweats and shoes, shimmied into my wetsuit, and went to get my tattoos puts on. 

IMG 8163

Thankfully my family was there, they took my mind off the cold. 

IMG 8170

I was mentally prepared to dive into the water, when, five minutes before the race started they made the announcement that the swim portion was cancelled.  Apparently there is a rule about the air temperature and the water temperature relationship, and we weren’t even close to meeting the standards.  i was disappointed that we couldn’t swim, and a  little perturbed that they waited until 5 minutes before the race started to tell us.  I could have kept my real shoes on!  

IMG 8171

However, as soon as I started out on the bike I was oh so thankful that I was dry.  Going 25 miles an hour in 40 degrees with shorts on is not a comfortable feeling.  It literally took my breath away, so much that I thought I was going to get sick a few times during the race.  

IMG 8237

The bike went really well until the last mile which has two hills that I would like to forget (and probably will soon and sign up for next year’s race).  

Dan and Ina were waiting for me at the end of the bike, yelling, “Yay Momma!”  

(Bike time: 43:46 for 10.6 miles.  Last year’s was 46:10)

I got into the transition, and per usual, could barely walk.  I took my time putting my bike up and adjusting my pony tail.

(Transition time 1:25.  Last year’s was 0:47.  Next year I will have to figure out a hair solution.)

The run was great - I was chasing a girl in front of me and ran the fastest 5K of my life, which I probably wouldn’t have had the energy for if we had included the swim.

(Run time: 26:21.  Last year’s was 27:18.)

IMG 8185

We didn’t stay for the award’s ceremony, but I apparently placed 3rd in the Athena division!  I also shaved over 3 and a half minutes off my time from last year, which was super exciting.  

After the race we drove home, showered, grabbed some lunch, and headed to a wine festival to celebrate my birthday with a few friends.  

IMG 8207

The concept of the festival was pretty cool.  There were over 20 wineries that each had a tent set up.  We rotated from tent to tent, and did a little tasting at each.  

IMG 8215

The experience was well worth the $25 ticket.  

Yesterday we went to church and then spent some time relaxing at home.  

IMG 8234

My family went to dinner to celebrate my birthday and my Grandma June’s birthday.  

IMG 8233

It was a really good weekend and made which solidified the fact that my 30’s are going to be pretty awesome. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Food and Fitness Plan #53

The good news - I crossed the triathlon finish line.

The bad news - it was actually a duathlon finish line because the swim was cancelled due to how cold the air was in comparison to the water. Which I was upset about until I started the bike and then thanked God that although I was very very cold, at least I was dry.  

More on that tomorrow.

Today we talk about food.  And fitness. 

Running with Racheal

Now I don’t have anything to train for.  It is such a crazy feeling!  Next year I plan to take a strategic approach to my races.  Until then, I am going to have some fun.  

The Fitnessista just sent out a 30 day food and fitness plan to all her email subscribers, which I plan to start loosely following on Monday.  



What are you up to this week?

Friday, September 12, 2014

30 Things for my Next 30 Years

So, I turn 30 tomorrow.  

I hope to celebrate by crossing a triathlon finish line.  I also hope that I won’t lose any of my appendages to frostbite because it is going to be C-O-L-D.  

Last night when I was driving Ina home from her grandparents’ house the song, My Next 30 Years popped in my head.

I know, so cheesy, right?

I started thinking about what I wanted the next 30 years of my life to look like.  Thinking about my age doubling in number and the person I would be as a result of those extra years was weird.  Creepy.  Blurry.

I know that what I do every year until then will form that 60-year-old-Racheal.  To some extent, my actions determine my destiny.  What do I want my destiny to be?  Pretty heavy question.  So much pressure.

One of my favorite sayings is, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.” I know that I could be way off, but here are 30 things I want to do in the next 30 years to form that 60-year-old-Racheal that I sort of met last night.  

  1. Have another child.  Hopefully this will happen closer to 30 than 60.
  2. Read the entire bible in chronological order.  Then read it again.  And again.  And again.
  3. Travel to Greece, Italy, and South Africa.
  4. Write a book.  Or a short story.  Or a children’s book.
  5. Start a weekly family dinner at my house.  Get a bigger table.
  6. Find a way to introduce others to good food and good exercise
  7. Become completely debt free and not acquire more debt.  
  8. Run a marathon.
  9. Speak in front of a large group of people about something I am both knowledgable and passionate about.
  10. Help bring something that Dan invented in his head to life.  
  11. Build my career, but don’t let it define me.  
  12. Complete a half iron-man <—crazy talk.
  13. Create a completely welcoming, hotel-like guest room. (This may actually take 30 years.)
  14. Plant something on my grandparents’ farm for large-scale harvesting.  I am thinking peaches.
  15. Get chickens.  Eat their eggs.  
  16. Start a large scale ministry or mission with my church.
  17. Become comfortable sharing my faith with others and introducing them to Jesus.
  18. See the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl or the Royals go to the World Series.  Come on KC, give me something here. 
  19. Open a weekend bed and breakfast/antique shop with Dan.
  20. Drive across the US from ocean to ocean.  Stop a lot.
  21. Build a house, let Dan design everything, except for the kitchen.  That is mine.
  22. Create recipes.  Share them.  
  23. Get a nice camera and learn how to take nice-camera pictures.
  24. Have grandchildren. (hopefully?)
  25. Charter a sail boat in the Caribbean.
  26. Sell something at a farmer’s market.
  27. Take advantage of my children and grandchildren’s education.  (Re)Learn with them.  
  28. Retire or at least go part time to play with grandchildren
  29. Work on a drug that cures cancer (a girl can dream, right?)
  30. Get a cookie jar.  Keep it full.

I think I am going to like 60-year-old-Racheal.  

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thank you God for my neighbors.  Putting dinner in the crockpot is great in theory, but when you forget to turn it on as you run out the door, the only thing that happens is a waste of a $15 roast.  Thankfully, I messaged my neighbors on Facebook and they quickly ran over and averted the crisis.  

IMG 8113

Whew.  It would have been bad if this dinner didn’t happen.  The roasted brussel sprouts stole the show.

(Those same neighbors helped me wrangle in my dogs this morning.  Which is why this post is going up late.  Sigh.)

Thank you God for Dan’s creativity and ideas.  I came home last night to him looking up the cost of solar panels and every once in awhile he would yell, “Hey, Racheal!  What is 520 divided by 25?!?”  I would tell him the answer and then he would sigh and go back to staring at the computer screen.

Thank you God for my office gym.  It never lets me down.

Thank you for my current phase of insomnia.  I could stare at this for hours.  

IMG 8079

Thank you God for the delivery that Red Gold tomatoes sent me.

IMG 8110

I kid you not, on Tuesday I was making chicken saag and searching the pantry for a can of crushed tomatoes when the doorbell rang.  I opened the door to find a package that included a can of crushed tomatoes.  I am also thankful for the apron, which will help keep my clothes from stains.  

Thank you God for giving the Royals the lead in first place!

Thank you God for this country I live in and for the freedoms that I have.

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall To-Do List 2014

Good morning!  

Yesterday I caved and made my first (of many) bowls of pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast.  I held out longer than I thought I would, and for that I am proud.  

While eating my bowl of perfection, I knew it was time to sit down and think about everything I wanted to do this fall.  I really liked my summer list, even though I didn’t get everything done.  I tried to be a little more realistic with this one.  

(Isn’t baby Ina so cute?) 

  • Bring up my fall decor from the basement (this probably won’t happen until the day before Halloween)
  • Make applesauce
  • Do a service project (hopefully with my small group)
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Decorate a car for trunk or treat and coordinate our costumes (remember our Jonah and the whale from last year?)
  • Carve / paint a pumpkin with Ina
  • Make something with pumpkin from an actual pumpkin (instead of buying it in a can)
  • Try 10 new slow cooker recipes
  • Plant tulip bulbs in my front yard
  • Plant garlic and horseradish (?) in my back yard
  • Go to a football game
  • Have a bonfire or at least light-up some sticks in our fire pit 
  • ^^ Roast marshmallows 
  • Make chili and cornbread 
  • Use a gift card to get a new pair of boots
  • Buy a fall scented candle
  • Take a family day trip.  I haven’t quite decided where yet.  

What are you up to this fall?  Anything I should add?  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jogging Stroller Workout

I love running with my jogging stroller.  I also love doing interval training, such as HIIT or T25.

So why oh why did it take me 21 months to think to put them together?  To be honest, it likely would have taken longer, but I was lucky enough to see Tina’s workout, which I modified a little below.

I know I say this often, but this might be my new favorite way to exercise, because it involves Ina.   Instead of her being in front of me the entire time I am running, or me doing lunges without her, I stop every 2.5 minutes, park the stroller, and she watches me plank, or helps me count my way through 25 push-ups.  

IMG 8072

Every time I finished a set, she would yell, “Yay Mommy!” or “all done Mommy!”  It was awesome.   I made sure to bring a few toys and snacks with us, and she only asked to get out once and seemed to understand me when I said that she had to stay in for a little while longer.  

Also, it is a total body workout, which proved true this morning when rolling out of bed was pretty difficult due to my sore muscles.  

Expect repeats and variations soon.  

Also of interest:

-We drove home from vacation yesterday.  Saying good-bye was hard.

IMG 8070

I passed a gas station and one of my passengers needed to use the restroom, so I pushed the pedal to the metal and earned a nice big speeding ticket.  I am pretty sure I traumatized the other children in the car, because this was their first experience with a police officer.  Their parents don’t speed. Hmph.

- I added vegetables back to my life again.  Lunch was a kale, broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprout mix from TJ’s sautéed with chicken sausage and butter beans

IMG 8071

and dinner was turkey meatloaf with roasted green beans and steamed carrots (with a little bit of butter and honey on top).  

IMG 8074

- I “cleaned up” a no-bake cookie recipe, which is a good idea in theory, but I didn’t expect them to taste so good.  I considered it a victory that I only ate one, instead of the four a day I have been eating while on vacation.  If I make them again I will take pictures and share the recipe.  

- Ina has started taking selfies.  

IMG 8076

She is getting pretty good.

Have a good day!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Small Group Trip to Branson

What a weekend!  Let’s see if I can sum it up in 5 sentences...

We stayed at the WillowRidge Lodge in Branson, MO.

IMG 8057

We saw a skunk, IMG 8023 

a baby snake, lots of insects, and a “bobcat" (which ended up being just a regular cat, but I was a bit dramatic).  

IMG 4117

We played whiffle ball, 

IMG 4112

pool volleyball, 

IMG 4119


frisbee golf, horseshoes, ping pong, 

IMG 8028and many other games.

IMG 8033

We relaxed in the hot tub, 

IMG 8034

or as Ina would say, “HOT WATER!” as she begged to get in so she could drink it. 

IMG 8042

We ate, IMG 8052 

and ate, IMG 8051

I think I averaged at least 4 cookies a day.  

IMG 8019

One more sentence - we had such a great time and I can’t wait to do it again!  

IMG 8055

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