Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Sick Day

Poor Ina is sick again. 


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On the way home from church yesterday she told me she was cold, so I took her temperature when walked in the door and it was high. I am starting to think our thermometer is broken, because every time I take her temperature, the reading is over 100*. However, when I took mine it read 98.7, so I suppose it works.  

We had to cancel small group last night (I just hate doing that!) and stayed around the house all day yesterday. Along with her fever came some pretty bad congestion and cough, which kept us up a good part of the night last night.

To end on a positive note: I am thankful for ibuprofen and that our sometimes-works-humidifier decided to work last night. I am so thankful I have a job I can work from home. I am also thankful for our DVR full of Mickey Mouse and Veggie Tails to entertain my daughter while I work from home. I am thankful I went grocery shopping Saturday, so I have absolutely no reason to leave the house, except for maybe an afternoon walk after Ina gets miraculously better?

Is that too much to ask?

I am praying that your Monday starts out great!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Food and Fitness Plan [1/25]

Good morning!

A few sentences per pictures to sum up my weekend:

I am having dreams about this spreadsheet.

Budget Jan 2015

Saturday morning I couldn’t get my coffee maker to work and Yahoo answers didn’t do me any favors.

IMG 9859

Courtney and I met for a glorious 3 mile walk around the lake.

Ev and Ina

If it is above 50 degrees, we go to the park.

IMG 9866

Here is my plan for the week. Dan starts working 12 hour shifts this week (he passed his test on Friday with fly colors!), so four of the nights before I am going to be cooking solo. You might notice a casserole/slow cooker theme. 

The perk to this new shift work is that I will now have time to go to my gym’s water fitness classes more often!  


Also prepping: brown rice for the week, quinoa, some no-bake energy bites, and these savory muffins.


  • Sunday: rest/active rest (we miiigghht walk to the park)
  • Monday: 3 mile walk
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: Water cardio class
  • Thursday: Water aquabata class
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: prenatal pilates

What are you up to this week? Thanks to Mommy, Run Fast! for hosting the link-up!.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Good morning and Happy Friday! This was a long week over here, so I am happy to have the weekend in sight.

IMG 9858

(Dinner last night: Asian glazed chicken with roasted broccoli and brown rice.)

Yesterday morning my in-laws were sleeping in with Ina, so I decided to take advantage of it and made the last minute decision to try out a new-to-me water class at my gym.

IMG 9857

The class’s official name was “Aquabata Blast,” but after attending a class, I think it should be called Aqua HIIT.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is short(isn) bursts of movement designed to get your heart rate up fast, with breaks in between.  We did things like jumps or kicks in the water, and I have to say, it worked.  I think yesterday was the highest my heart rate has been since I have been pregnant.

My favorite part was moving into the lazy river and doing resistance work.  Who knew some crazy looking movements against water could make someone’s arms so sore?

Other things to be excited about:

- Our sink is fixed! Thanks to my friend Courtney who recommended a very nice and affordable plumber.

- I upgraded to an iPhone 6 yesterday! Dan’s needed a new phone, so he inherited my old 5, which he seems to be happy with.

- Pending Dan passing his test today (prayers would be appreciated) he is for sure starting day shift on Monday. Yay!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Good morning! I hope your week has been good//productive/insightful so far.

IMG 9849

Ours has been interesting. We broke out the big guns last night when Danielle and Kyle let us borrow their electric snake. Although it made lots of noise and moved around a ton, a clog remains in our sink.

IMG 9850

Whomp, whomp. Dan said that it feels like something is grabbing the head of the snake, so I am pretty sure a mongoose is stuck in our pipes. NBD.

BUT, I am thankful that Papa Gordon had the patience and knowledge to help Dan through this process, because it was likely best I wasn’t the one pressing the button. I am also thankful that we planned to stick a larger chunk of money in savings this month.  It is almost like we knew we were going to have a $$$ plumber’s bill.

OK, who is sick of reading about my sink?  Other things I am thankful for:

-Prenatal pilates. Danielle let me borrow her DVD and I love the workouts so far, especially the stretches.  They feel so good!

-Large boxes

IMG 9847

-Piggy back rides

IMG 9854

- This “letter.”  I think I started crying two paragraphs in and was full out sobbing by the time I was finished. 

-My new casserole dishes I received for Christmas- they are especially beautiful with sour cream noodle bake inside (served with roasted green beans and a kale salad)

IMG 9851

-Good news for Dan’s job. He found out this week he is 95% likely to be put on day shift, and we originally thought he would have to start out on nights for a year or so. This news is a huge blessing and answered my daily prayers of not having to be alone at night with a baby and a toddler.

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Things Ina Says: Pregnancy Edition

Me (telling people I am pregnant): I’m pregnant

Ina (squealing): A PRESENT!!!  

This was right about her birthday and she was incredibly confused. But, then again, maybe not?


Me: Ina, do you want a baby brother or baby sister?

Ina: a PINK baby!

This answer has stayed consistent for about 3 months


In the middle of the night, she sat straight up in bed

Ina: Momma, the baby is your belly is me?

Me: Yes, honey, you used to be in my belly, but now there is another baby is my belly.



Ina: I tell your baby no.  NO BABY!  (screaming at my stomach)


I was tickling Ina on her stomach and she said, Momma, be gentle! There is a baby in my belly! Her name is Violet.


Every night we pray and Ina says what she is thankful for.  First were the usuals - Thank you God for cheese sticks and cottage cheese.  

But then - Thank you God for Baby Gary. 

She must be pretty excited about this baby, because nothing tops cheese in that girl’s world.


IMG 9829

Momma, here is your handy-came!

She calls candy canes “handy-cames” and that is what she calls my Snoogle pillow, which tries to steal from me every night.


(Groaning) The baby in my belly is getting bigger!


Ina: Mommy and Daddy have a pink baby. Mommy and Daddy were bad.

As told by Danielle’s husband Kyle.  Ha!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Did and I Didn't

Yesterday was kind of a different day. It didn’t go as planned, but it was nice.

I didn’t work on any of my own projects at work.

I didn’t exercise (that was planned).

I didn’t cook dinner.

I didn’t really sit up after I got home, I was too tried.

I most definitely did not work on un-clogging my sink drain. The clog will still be there today.

BUT, I did do a few other things.

I helped another scientist with an interesting project.

I went with Dan and Ina to the park and mostly sat and laughed at them playing. (Dan came home from work 20 minutes before sunset and begged to go to the park. I wasted to stay horizontal for the rest of the nights, but couldn’t say no to his excited-ness.)

IMG 9833

I put together Ina’s alpha-gator puzzle approximately 6 times. That puzzle is seriously a life saver and has taught her the entire alphabet. 

IMG 9834

I happily munched on Chipotle for dinner, that Dan sweetly picked up.

IMG 9839

I went to bed with Ina at 7 and watched Lilo and Stitch before dozing off to sleep.

I thought that fatigue was supposed to disappear when the second trimester started, but mine is just getting worse. However, when I look back at Ina’s pregnancy, I don’t think I stayed up past 7 once in weeks 14 and 15, so maybe this is typical for me. 

Here’s to more energy today! <3

I hope you have a blessed day!

Monday, January 19, 2015

A "Glamorous" Day

Good morning! 

I hope your weekend was fantastic! Here in KC, our heat wave is continuing and I couldn’t be more pleased.

My day was pretty glamorous yesterday.

First, we went to church. Nothing too crazy to report there, except that we took a new friend with us, which is always exciting.

Then, I took Ina grocery shopping at Aldi, where I spent most of the time trying to bribe her to stay in the cart and not yell, “POOP!” 

After lunch, Danielle and I went on a beautiful run/walk (but mostly run!) around the lake that was still frozen over even though I was wearing a t-shirt and capris.  

IMG 9819

Next comes the glamorous part - when Dan and I spent the next few hours trying to unclog our sink. I now know more about the anatomy under there than I ever cared to.

IMG 9825

Sadly, when our small group showed up at 6, we were still on the ground trying to snake the clog out with no success. Ina was extremely interested in the whole ordeal and kept asking me, “Why are you doing that mom?"

Dan wants to try the snake again today, but if it doesn’t work, we are throwing in the towel and calling a plumber. Wish us luck tonight. 

Have a good week!

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