Friday, October 24, 2014

Five Things

Five Things I did yesterday:


A photo posted by Racheal (@runningwithrach) onOct 10, 2014 at 4:24pm PDT

  1. Chugged green juice (staying up late at a game makes for a painfully early morning)
  2. Got my flu shot like a champ- no crying
  3. 15 minute run + arm burner
  4. Grilled chicken wings on the front porch with Dan- we just can’t stop
  5. Watched 6 children during small group - this was interesting

Five Things I am looking forward to this weekend:

  1. Being reunited with Ina - she has been at Dan’s parents’ house since Wednesday night
  2. Watching some more World Series games
  3. Seeing Ina in her Halloween costume
  4. Going to a co-worker’s retirement party.  I am introducing Dan and Ina to the people I work with - hopefully they behave.  
  5. Church - I missed it to much last weekend

Five Cool / Funny Things About the KC Royals

  1. Our pitchers play catch with the opposing team’s fans
  2. One of the player’s wives tipped WS tickets at a restaurant
  3. We have a super fan who just happens to live in Korea
  4. Fans name their kids after the team founder - my nephew included 
  5. We sometimes fall asleep at games - it has been an exhausting month!

Five Things on my To-Do list

  1. Figure out a trunk-or-treat theme - it needed to be some associated with a special moment in TV history
  2. Clean out my fridge - it is getting serious
  3. Apply for permission to go to Argentina - hopefully they let me in
  4. Re-do our family budget - ignorance is not bliss in this case
  5. Shampoo my not-so-white carpets

Five Bible Verses for this week:

  1. Isaiah 26:3
  2. Phillipians 4: 6-7
  3. Phillipians 4: 8-9
  4. Romans 12:2
  5. 1 Corinthians 2:16

Have a great weekend!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

World Series Game

Last night I watched the Royals win the second game in the World Series.  I don’t have many words (or much time) to express how exciting it was, so I am going to let the pictures do the talking.  

IMG 8881

IMG 8899

IMG 8901

IMG 8912

IMG 8932

I hope you have a fantastic day!  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Endorphins for the Win

It is a good thing I ran yesterday because I needed the extra endorphins to deal with:


A photo posted by Racheal (@runningwithrach) onOct 10, 2014 at 1:58pm PDT

- a busy day at work catching up on the 2 days that I had missed.  It is amazing how many emails can be received in two days.

- finding a sippy cup that had been under the bed for an unknown amount of time 

- an epic “just one bite” battle with Ina at the dinner table where not only did I cry, I also gave in.  

- watching the Royals lose the first game of the World Series

- Ina completely waking up at 3 am for an hour, during which she kept on asking, “Hey MOM, what are you doing?”  

Welcome home from vacation, Racheal. 

Now that I just complained, I am going to make myself come up with 6 positive things that happened yesterday: 

- I was able to work from home and see Ina during my coffee/water/bathroom breaks.

- My in-laws are here watching Ina (because Danielle had her baby!!!), so they made us some fantastic dinner

- I was able to watch the Royals play in the World Series!  Honestly, if they lost 4 games in a row I would still be super proud of them.

- I unpacked my suitcase and washed all the clothes in it within 24 hours of my plane landing in KC - I am pretty sure this is a household record

- Lots of Ina cuddles, kisses, hugs, and giggles.  Seriously, the giggles are my favorite and completely made me forget that she brought me to tears a few minutes earlier.

- I have a house, a car, food, and a healthy family.  You can’t ask for much for than that.  

Have a good day!  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What We Shared

The past few days I was able to experience a very special treat: a weekend of doing absolutely nothing but sitting and talking with a few of my best friends.  

We shared a limo.

IMG 8863

We shared many long and winding conversations.

IMG 4136

We shared girly drinks.

IMG 4131

We shared toothbrushes and deodorant.  

IMG 8853

We shared books.

Thanks to the hand cleaning stations throughout the ship, we did not share germs.  

IMG 4138

We shared a very small room.

IMG 4142

We shared lots of smiles, laughs, and a few tears. 

IMG 4140

A great recharge - but I missed my family.  Ina, who grew 4 years older in 4 days, has decided to call me “Mom” instead of “Momma” or “Mommy.”    

Have a good day! <3

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cruise Workout

Good morning!  How's it going?  

I am sitting on a dark ship in the Miami port drinking coffee by myself because my brain doesn't know how to sleep past 5 am.  

I planned on sharing all my pictures from the trip tomorrow, but thought that if I was up, I might as well say hi and share a workout I did while on the ship.  

Exercising on a cruise ship is really easy because there is a gym with a large range of equipment and an outdoor track, which is where I completed this workout.

I recommend to do this while looking at the ocean, but up and down the street would work too. 

Another way to exercise while on a cruise?  Refuse to use the elevator-12 flights of stairs does a body good.  

Have a good start to your week!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Food and Fitness [10/19]

Hey guys!

How is the weekend going?  I am hopefully horizontal on a beach chair with a book in my hand somewhere near the Bahamas right now.  I will be back tomorrow with a recap, but until then, how about some planning?

Running with Racheal

Here is my plan for the week:


IMG 8829


  • Sunday: 3 mile run
  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: 5 mile run
  • Wednesday: total body circuit
  • Thursday: HIIT challenge
  • Friday: total body + HIIT
  • Saturday: rest

What are you up to this week? 

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Weekend Away

This weekend marks a first for our family.  

IMG 8830

I am going on a little weekend trip with my girlfriends and leaving Ina at home.  With Dan.  Alone.  

Will someone please volunteer to go over to our house and take pictures of Ina’s outfits?  I feel like this milestone needs to be documented.  

I know everything will be fine, but I keep on starting to pack a bag for Ina, or prep a meal for Dan, then half-way through tell myself, “Racheal, they’ve got this.” Then I leave the task halfway done, which probably sets them up to fail.  Sorry guys.  

Until packing for this trip, I hadn’t realized that Dan and Ina have never spent more than a few hours together by themselves.  So, although this trip has been a long time coming for me, it also will be a special weekend for them.  

I can’t wait to hear the stories.  

I will see you on Sunday with my food and fitness plan for the short week and then hopefully Monday or Tuesday with a cruise recap.

Have a great weekend.

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