Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Things Ina Says: 4 Years

 At One you were a sweetie

 At Two you were a star

 At Three you were a charmer

 But now guess what you are? You’re lovable and clever. You’re smart and cute and more! There’s just no end to all the things you are now that you’re four!


DSC 0039

(This was written on the card my grandma gave Ina and I couldn’t even finish reading it to her because I was crying so hard. How is she 4?!!?)

Here are some funny things that my four year old has said lately:


We left Granny’s house with some cupcakes and I told Ina she couldn’t have one until after dinner when we were home. A few minutes later she said, “Mom, I can’t stop thinking about those cupcakes. They are doing a dance in my brain."

Confirmation that she is my child.


IMG 0933

We were watching Octonauts and Ina said, “Mom, Shellington is a scientist! He is so smart"

I have to admit I wanted to impress her a little and said, “You know, Ina, I am a scientist."

Ina snorted/laughed and said, “No, you are not!"

I spent the next few minutes trying to explain to her that I was in fact a pharmacokinetic scientist and never had her convinced. Then, a few days later, we were in the car and Ina asked me, “How big is Earth?"

Me: I don’t know, but I am sure there are some scientists who do.

Ina: But, Mom, I thought you were a scientist?

She got me. 

IMG 7074


Cora, Ina, and I were dancing to a song on the garage radio and Ina stops me, puts her hand on my leg and says, “Mom. Don’t do that dance. That is a bad dance."


IMG 7110


A family member told Ina she was beautiful and she said, “Well, I am above average."


IMG 7118

Driving to daycare one day Ina asked, “Mom, are you going to die before me?"

I was very concerned about how to answer this, chose my words wisely, and broke the news to her that, yes, more than likely, while preparing myself for her to be upset.

Instead, a huge smile popped on her face and she said, “Yay! Then I can drive myself to Kauffman and Hallaway’s house!"

IMG 7137


Cora took something from Ina and Ina pounded her in the leg. I yelled, “Ina’ don’t do that!"

She looked at me surprised and said, “Oh, mom, I didn’t know you were watching."


A few other notes about 4 years

  • Ina can participate in and completely understands adult conversations. You never know when she is listening.
  • She wants to be an underwater scientist when she grows up. 
  • She has an incredibly tender heart and loves with all of it. She requires no less than 5 hugs and kisses before I leave for work everyday. 
  • She likes being a big sister and is mostly helpful.
  • She loves to walk guests out to their cars when they leave and says, “Safe travels, roads are slick!” even in the middle of summer. 
  • She likes “goodies” and always asks for one (for breakfast, a snack, after dinner, etc.)
  • She continues to love puzzles, stickers, and coloring and can entertain herself for an hour at a time if she is assigned a task.

I keep thinking I can’t possibly love her more and she continues to prove me wrong. I am so looking forward to watching her bloom.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Here is a story about a girl who liked to blog. Every morning she started to write a blog post, and about half way through her daughter woke up. Or she received an urgent work email. Or she was smothered by her mountain of laundry. 

IMG 7151

’Tis the season, right? 
IMG 7125
As I am sure is true of your household, things have been hopping around here. 

IMG 7128

We celebrated Ina’s 4th birthday with a plaza carriage ride on Friday night 

IMG 7130

and an ice skating party on Saturday. 

DSC 0027

Saturday night we went to not one, but two, Christmas parties. First was my gym, and I was so excited for Dan to get to meet everyone I get my butt kicked with every day. I feel like people really don’t know me until they know Dan, you know what I mean?

DSC 0007

Then we Uber-ed it to Dan’s uncle’s house for the wrap up of a gingerbread house building party.

IMG 7157

Sunday we went to church and then blitz cleaned the house and made treats while listening to the Chiefs win on the radio. Then everyone from small group came over for our annual cookie exchange. 

IMG 7160

Our small group isn’t so small anymore. <3
Here is my meal plan for the week. I am not going to lie, writing this out was painful. I have little to no motivation to cook lately, which happens a lot in the holiday season. I am hoping that by having a plan I will stir up some kind of desire to get something green on the table. 

My gym game is still going strong. I am thinking about summarizing our workouts once a week, just so I can keep track of my progress. 

Have a good week! I am hoping to be back a few more times this week. 


Monday, November 28, 2016

A Great Thanksgiving + This Week's Plan


IMG 7101

(social media)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving week!

IMG 7107


Our’s started out with Cora having croup, which included sleepless nights and lots of cuddle sessions. Thankfully her doctor called her in some steroids, which helped with her breathing, but her ickiness continued into the week. Then, Ina got sick.

IMG 7068

Then, I broke my washing machine with my brute strength. Or carelessness. Let’s go with the former.

IMG 7095

Regardless of sick children, our Thanksgiving was a good one. We hosted and provided the turkey while everyone else brought side dishes. My grandma sat in the kitchen and instructed me on the rolls, stuffing, and gravy, just as she did last year. This year I made some notes, so hopefully I don’t forget. Maybe next year I can do it on my own!

We have spent the rest of the week resting, watching movies, and decking the halls. I think we are officially ready for Christmas. 

Here is my plan for the week:

I hope you have a fantastic week! <3

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Plan

Good Sunday morning to you! (<—Ina has been asking what exclamation points, question marks, commas, etc. mean when reading books and now I am hyper aware of my punctuation.)

Since we have last talked things have been pretty low key around here. I worked Thursday night in between child wrangling. Friday morning I went to the gym, then spent the day working from home in comfy sweat pants (seriously, living the dream over here).

After I picked the girls up from daycare we headed over to my friend Courtney’s house for a little meal prep action. I now have 10 meals ready to go in my freezer! 

IMG 7050

(A pile of Kendricks at the bottom on the stairs. This is where they choose to congregate.)

IMG 7052

Saturday was mostly a day of rest. We sat around the house, watched a movie, read books, etc. Ina and I did sneak out for a little grocery shopping and then we had some friends over for a dinner/play date. Even though we didn’t do much, no one complained when it was time for bed last night. 

We are so excited to get into the holiday spirit over here. We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, which has to go better than last year when the giblet bag exploded inside the turkey because I forgot to take it out. Right? 


Wait, do I need to start defrosting the turkey now? Thank God for Google. Someone hold me. 

This week is looking a little like this:

  • Sunday: Church celebration service then dinner with some friends
  • Monday: Our sweet, sweet friend Michele made us another chicken pot pie. I already cannot wait.
  • Tuesday: Dan and I have marriage counseling and then I have to work (a scheduling error on my part), so Dan will likely grab Chipotle on the way home. 
  • Wednesday: I have Wednesday through Sunday off work, which I am so excited about. The girls and I will likely get the house ready for Thanksgiving and maybe do a little baking. 
  • Thursday: Thanksgiving! We are in charge of the turkey(s), cheese plate, and gravy. Simple enough, right? 
  • Friday: Danielle and I have plans to binge watch the new Gilmore Girls. Thanksgiving leftovers will be on the menu. 
  • Saturday: Christmas decorating time! Maybe we will have some soup for dinner.

I plan on going to gym class Monday thru Thursday and then pop back in on Saturday. I am going to try to stick to two rest days a week. On the weeks I only have one I feel so tired and on Friday I am afraid I did something to my left quad. I am hoping that resting yesterday and today will fix it right up. 

I hope you have a fantastic week! <3

Thursday, November 17, 2016



IMG 7049

I know I say this every week, but how is it Thursday already? I feel like time is just flying by right now. Except for time doing burpees. That is still as slow as ever. 

Here is what I was thankful for this week:


  1. Our gym. I seriously don’t know how I could like it more.
  2. Chipotle saves the day for dinner.
  3. Amazon Prime. I now almost always have birthday gifts wrapped and ready to go days before a party.


  1. Danielle’s fashion help when I dropped the girls off. She helped me answer the question I always have about cuffing my jeans. 
  2. Lunch with my sister in law. 
  3. My mom was not seriously injured in the car accident. Even more that my cousin was able to go get her and stay with her in the hospital while we were at the rehearsal dinner.

15045335 10209460106770920 636591816 o


  1. Time to see my aunt and grandma while visiting my mom.
  2. My family did a great job at the wedding: Dan as the officiant and the girls as flower girls. I was one proud wife/momma.
  3. Garth and Kotey are married! We love them and are so happy to see them tie the knot!

15127527 10209460102530814 983938770 o


  1. A Chiefs win! Just in time. 
  2. Bauer boy is one! It feels like yesterday that I had the huge privilege of watching him being born. See, time is flying.
  3. An early bedtime. Whew, what a weekend.

IMG 7032


  1. A balanced budget. It always feels good. 
  2. The girls were so good at the grocery store. I didn’t even have to bribe them with crackers. Not that I would do such a thing.
  3. We came home from the grocery store to a warm and cozy fire built in the fire pit. I am loving these beautiful fall evenings (and mornings!). 

IMG 7039


  1. Our workout was over. Seriously, it was that hard.
  2. I have a job that is flexible enough to be able to take my mom to her doctor’s appointment. Everything is going well!
  3. Grace. When I have a hard time dishing it out I try hard to remember what it feels like to receive. 

IMG 7045


  1. While I was doing the morning shuffle the girls picked up a book, sat next to each other, and looked at it together. I turned the corner to see them and almost lost it. 
  2. My work provided the Thanksgiving lunch yesterday. Delicious.
  3. Time for food prep and chatter with friends - more on that later.

IMG 7046

What are you thankful for?

Have a good day! 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Wedding

Hey there!

IMG 6981 2

How has your weekend been treating you? Our’s was mostly wedding focused. Dan’s sister Kotey married our favorite guy Garth. Dan officiated the wedding and the girls were flower girls, so we were so looking forward to this weekend! 

15095109 1200964616616344 5142863139642930134 n

(Photo borrowed from the bride’s Facebook page)

Friday night, I spent most of the rehearsal dinner making sure Cora wasn’t throwing a fit on the floor or giving someone a death glare and preventing Ina from destroying all the decorations in the church. The fact that the burlap curtain stayed up was a straight miracle. 

After the rehearsal dinner I met my mom and cousin in the ER because my mom was in a car accident and fractured 7 ribs. She is one tough cookie and hadn’t even had any pain medication by the time I showed up. After some prescriptions and a finger brace, we were out the door. 

Saturday morning I went to gym class and then we packed and prepared for the wedding. We visited my mom (who was doing well) for a few hours and then headed to the chapel.

IMG 6951

(Pre-wedding Cheeto snack)

IMG 6967

When you have 3 flower girls, the odds of them all being in the mood for a picture at the same time are very, very low, but maybe the photographer can work her magic. 

IMG 7027

I was in charge of changing the music during the ceremony, so let me tell you I was pretty surprised when both girls walked down the aisle with smiles on their faces in a timely manner. However, I didn’t quite think about worrying what the girls would do during the ceremony. Dan officiated like a boss, but early on did get a little choked up. While he was trying to get his composure, Ina blurted out, “Oh, come on Daddy!” 

IMG 7016

That got everyone laughing and lightened the mood. Soon Cora decided it was her turn for the spotlight and started screaming until I put her down, and then walked to Dan and Kotey and Garth. I told her she couldn’t get married quite yet and we spent the rest of the ceremony in the back room. 

IMG 6985

We celebrated the new couple with a great dinner, laughing, and cupcakes. 

IMG 7024

(Negotiating who would get the first cupcake)

We were plenty tired on the way home. Today we have church, my nephew Bauer’s birthday, and then small group.  

IMG 6973

Here is my plan for the week:

I hope you have a fantastic week! <3

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Good morning! Where did this week go? I had every intention of writing daily this week and all of a sudden it is Thursday. 

Daylight savings time always does this to me. 


I tried to put Cora to sleep at 6 the other night. Sigh. 

On a more positive note, here is what I am thankful for this week:

IMG 6924


  1. Ina not getting too hurt when she face planted on her trip to Burr Oaks this week. I think she freaked out at first due to the blood, but once she came home she seemed perfectly fine.
  2. My replacement FitBit! My FitBit Charge stopped charging (ironic?) and after a very long conversation with FitBit customer services, and now how a few one! 
  3. Frozen vegetables! Seriously, I almost forgot how amazing these are - already prepped and no worry about them going bad. My current favorites are fresh green beans and chopped kale. 


  1. Checking things off my to-do list. So re-charging.
  2. A quick and easy car estimate. Who knew that a little scratch would cost over a grand to fix?
  3. Having a movie that the whole family can enjoy together. Goonies FTW. 

IMG 6936


  1. Waking up at 4:30 on a rest day and having plenty of time to plan for meals, birthday parties, the holidays, etc. 
  2. Garage parking. Please don’t let me give this up.
  3. Family park date. It was fantastic to have no plans on a Saturday night other than playing at the park.

IMG 6942


  1. Having friends in high places (friends with free suite Chiefs tickets!)
  2. Teresa watching the girls while Dan and I had a fun day.
  3. Early bedtime. I am so old. 


  1. An “easy” mobility workout.
  2. Danielle watching the girls extra long so Dan and I could go to counseling. She is the best.
  3. Trader Joe’s easy meal options, so that after work, and then counseling, we still can have dinner at home. I bought their pre-cooked chicken patties and Dan sizzled those up while I roasted some baby potatoes and green beans. Dinner was on the table in 20 minutes and the girls loved it. 


  1. No lines at my voting station. 
  2. My replacement credit card came in the mail. Want to decrease your spending? Lose your card. Ha!
  3. Watching the election coverage with Ina and explaining the process to her. I think I learned a few things myself. 

IMG 1339 JPG 1


  1. I live in a democracy. That is about as political as I will get. :)
  2. Flu shots at my work. So easy! 
  3. Dinner with family! I had some delicious white pizza, but my stomach wasn’t very happy about that decision this morning. Ha!

What are you thankful for?

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