Monday, August 23, 2021

Week -1

Hello! Happy first week of school! 

But before we get to that, let's talk about the week before, what some might call Week -1.

Friday night Ms. Amy (our incredible nanny) came over to hang out with the girls so Dan and I could go on a double date to JalapeƱos with our friends Luke and Amy. 

Double dates are just so fun. Afterwards I tried to stay up and watch The Mysterious Benedict Society with Dan and the girls, but just couldn't hold my eyelids open. (BUT, I will say we have watched a few episodes since and it is so good - on Disney Plus - recommend. We read the majority of the first book together as a family a few years ago, but Ina has no memory of it, so I think this will be on our list once we finish Harry Potter - so close!)

Saturday morning I was wide awake  at 3:30 am and couldn't sleep, so I decided to document our summer in blog form. While I was quickly typing and sifting through tons of pictures, I realized I missed this act and space and hoped to write a little more often. Changes in our priorities and schedules have opened a few more time windows, so I am hoping I can make this can go a little higher on the list. 

At some point Lola and I left for a walk around a nearby lake, which is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day. I listen to my books and look at the beauty around me and move my body. It is the best.

I am finishing up Malibu Rising on audio and although I loved the narration (Julia Whalen is fantastic) and the character development/family story, I could have done without all of the party details. Yes, I am a 36 year old clinical pharmacologist/pharmacist who is squeamish when hearing/seeing any details of drug abuse.

After working for a bit, we all loaded up the van and headed to a nearby park for Ina and Cora's preschool class reunion. 

With the pandemic stealing Cora's graduation (and basically any other event during which we would normally see the other kids in Cora's class and their families), this celebration was everything we didn't know we needed. When Cora saw her teachers and friends she cried their names and ran to give them the biggest hug. It was the absolute sweetest. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing to have our friends The Kellogs over for dinner and games. We ate BLTs (or spiced chicken with cucumber salad), swam, played Phase 10, Nerts, and Fruit Basket, and finished up the evening with ice cream sundaes curtesy of Miss Stephanie. 

Summer hours have really worn our kids out. Mira fell asleep on the couch, but her friends wanted to make sure she was comfortable and had plenty of company.

We spent Sunday morning at church and the afternoon hanging around the house, cleaning out the garage (aren't we always?), preparing for the week, swimming, and eating dinner together as a family. Dan fried some pork chops and the girls couldn't get enough. At some point Cora and Mira got into the winter gear and have been wearing these accessories since. 

Monday started our last week before school is back in session. The girls spent with day with Dan while I worked, and then I met some old co-workers for happy hour (where I smoothly spilled my water)  and then hurried home to have our friends the Dowdys over for dinner. Dan made these turkey burgers, which ended up being a very wise decision. If you like your taste buds, please make those burgers.

Tuesday we showed up to art class/play practice precisely one week early and after disappointing a very-excited-for-her-first-class-ever, backpack-wearing Mira that she in fact did NOT have art class that day even though I have told her for weeks that she did, we had no choice but to go to the park. 

She quickly got over it.

Grandma Frankie came over on Wednesday morning to take the girls on a few outings and then my aunt, uncle, and cousins came over for a few hours to play games, eat, and snuggle. Ina was in absolute heaven having four new adults to show her card tricks to and play games with. We played Phase 10, Ticket to Ride, and Play Nine. I lost all of them. To my 8 year old daughter. Sigh. 

Thursday was back to school night! We found out their girls' teachers the day before and both are so excited! Cora has the same kindergarten teacher Ina had (and loved) and Ina has the same teacher Cora had for summer school this year! 

Cora temporarily worried I was going to leave her in the classroom that evening, but quickly forgot her worries when she saw a few of her friends were in her class. Ina loved meeting her teacher, but the highlight for her was certainly all of the books in her classroom's library. "Mom! We have all of the Wings of Fire AND Harry Potter!"

This was the first time I have been inside Ina's school in a year and a half and I have to admit I was a little teary eyed. I worked hard to fight back the thankful tears when I met Ina's 2nd grade teacher who lovingly guided her class through a year of unknown. These teachers are just the best. 

I dropped the girls off with Dan and met a few friends at Danielle's to catch up. 

That brings us to the weekend again. I really wish I had more pictures. Friday night we had fun with friends at Hair Cut Happy Hour. Saturday morning we had a blast at our church's annual Water Wars for the kids. I made superhero muffins and a double batch of sourdough. Sunday we went to church, served at church, and then spent the rest of the day preparing for the start of school. 

Mira was not feeling the best on Friday night, but after sleeping for 14 hours on Saturday night, she was good to go. She fell asleep while we were swimming on Saturday at 5 PM. 

See you again soon for the first day of school recap!

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