Sunday, May 2, 2021

May Day

May first was one of those perfect spring days that seemed to just keep going, allowing time for everything that seemed necessary. 

This picture is from our front porch, where the girls and I ate a dinner of grilled frozen pre-made burgers and french fries with cut up veggies. Little did we know that Lola was inside sneaking the leftover burgers off of the counter! (This is really out of character for Lola. So I asked Cora, whose responsibility it is to feed Lola, if she had fed her...and she couldn't remember...)

The day was full of so many other good things! I woke up early, not able to get the work week off my mind, so gave in to working on a model for a few hours. I thankfully made some good progress, so when 7 am rolled around I could take Lola on a walk. I called a few patients for my part-time gig, then took Ina to acro, where her adorable class made a pyramid. 

Dan was away the rest of the day helping my dad at the farm, so the girls and I hung around the house. I cleaned out my car, moved the laundry basket down to zero, meal planned and grocery shopped for the week, taught Brooke how to make sourdough, and spent large chunks of time sitting outside watching the girls play with the neighborhood. Spring is my absolute favorite. 

I needed this day of just hanging around the house, after a few non-stop weeks. I do work from home, which I naively thought would mean that I would have extra time, energy, and margin to address all of these things. However, I have found that a staircase is the only barrier between me determining the best dose to start a drug in humans and me explaining why even though Cora gets to celebrate her summer birthday at school next week, her actual birthday isn't until July. The second after I close down my mathematical model I strategize how to get the girls changed into their leotards, snacks packed, and out the door in 13 minutes. To be clear, I have excellent, reliable childcare during working hours, but the lack of a commute means a lack of transition and time to change hats. I am so thankful for my current circumstances and that I get to work this job where I am learning from home AND be a mom to three amazing girls, but sometimes, my brain just hurts. 

Without a doubt, working from home removes the morning commute, which allow for more things in the mornings, such as reading time and exercise. 

Cora will occasionally join me for a LexiJ workout (Mother's Day sale!), with her main motivation being that she gets to join me in my after workout pic that we post daily in our Facebook group. Morning hair and lack of a shirt don't bring her down. 

Things we are looking forward to this month: 

  • A dance competition next weekend
  • Opening the pool (after years of sitting on the deck in a camping chair, I finally loosened my purse strings enough to purchase actual furniture for the deck!)
  • Celebrating Mother's Day
  • Camping!
  • Cora's last day of pre-school and first day of summer school kindergarten. Bless her sweet heart, she is beyond nervous, so over the next month I will put in some extra confidence building time. 
Dinners planned for this week:

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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