Saturday, April 24, 2021


Buckle up for a huge word and photo dump. 

I am a little disappointed in my past two months self, because although I can cover the highlights of the last two months, one of my favorite things is reading old blog posts with tiny details about the girls from a few years ago. I look at these pictures and try to remember specific details, because I know the girls said something funny or did something cute, however, nothing specific comes to mind. 

This serves as a great reminder as to why I keep this space updated. Know better, do better. 


Jesus. Candy. Cousins. Not much else to report.


My sweet Grandma Beverly died last week at the age of 92. I wrote a separate post about her here.  

Dan's Memaw also died last month after fighting cancer for years. Knowing they spent the last years of their lives mostly inside their houses because of a pandemic breaks my heart and makes me want to spend as much time as possible with our grandparents that are still living. 

Thankfully, my Grandma June and Grandpa Ed are fully vaccinated and are able to leave their long term care facility, after being restricted for a year. We have had them over for dinner and taken them to get ice cream and hope to see them at least once a week. The logistics are sometimes hard and the emotions are heavy, but this is a huge priority for me. 

Dan's Grandma Frankie now watches the girls every Monday, so we are so excited to get to see her more often. She has a special appreciation for things they say or do and I love listening to her recount their time together.

Spring Break: 

The girls spent spring break in Texas with my aunt and uncle and cousins and appeared to have the time of their lives. 

I had a part of a blog post written that said this. There are many partial blog posts in my blogger account. Ha! 

Happy Easter weekend!

Dan and I are in Oklahoma waiting to meet my uncle who is driving back the girls, plus 3 of their cousins, after a week of spring break fun in Texas.

I have been without them for an entire week and I can't wait to squeeze them all and listen to stories of their adventures. So far I know they swam their hearts out, had a spa day, tea party, consumed many slushies, celebrated Christmas (!!!), and went to the zoo.  

Although I missed the girls terribly, I admit having a kid-free week was a little indulgent. I finished our taxes, organized multiple closets, visited all of my grandparents, had dinner with friends, and enjoyed longer walks each morning.  While doing our taxes I managed to misplace both Dan and my drivers licenses and have searched my house high and low without success. I think we have a date to the DMV planned in our near future.

A month later and I still haven't located our drivers licenses... 


The girls have had two dance competitions and I think my dance mom skills are slowly improving. 

The first competition went well, but the second competition was on a Friday night after I had a busy day at work and I went straight from a high stress client call to doing hair and make up and I just about lost my mind when Ina and Cora were play wrestling (thanks Dan) and Cora fell, tore her tights, and cried her make up off. In case you were wondering, yelling "Stop crying!" to a 5 year old tender hearted red head does not produce the desired result. But doesn't she make an adorable cat? 

I suppose the fact that being a dance mom remains the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life says a whole lot about me. 


You guys, work is so good. I learn something new every single day. I actually feel my brain growing. The mentorship is excellent and one of my former colleagues/friends from my previous job joined my new company! The work weeks fly by and every Friday afternoon I am totally squeezed out in the best possible way. Although there are days where the constant mental challenge is taxing, I am embracing this as a season of growth and trying to stay positive through the moments of stress, frustration, and doubt.


A few recipes we have been loving lately.

Sourdough bread. Do it. I eat avocado toast

The LA Chop Salad (with sourdough bread). 

Shrimp tacos with the best cream sauce. 

Turkey Meatballs

BBQ salmon with mango avocado salsa.

More to come! <3

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  1. The girls in the flower field melts my heart! They are getting so big and beautiful as always! I love following along with your family :)


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