Monday, December 21, 2020

Ring Pop Lessons

 Good morning there! 

(Group hug turned selfie)

I hope you had a great weekend before Christmas! Ours' was pretty darn good. Friday night we had a gift exchange with some friends that involved all I could ask for - great food, better company, and card playing. The kids do a sock exchange and I made the mistake of sticking a ring pop in Cora's recipient's bag which of course made Cora expect a ring pop in her bag. Many lessons were learned.

The next morning Ina had a basketball game and Cora had basketball camp, so Dan and I divided and Mira and I had the pleasure of watching Ina's team win their 3rd game in a row! Ina scored two baskets and is continuing to improve her skills and overall understanding of the game. 

After lunch the girls went to Grandma Frankie's to stay the night and Brooke and I went shopping. You might think we were crazy for going out the weekend before Christmas, but it is truly amazing how efficient two moms with no kids can be. We were in and out of stores very quickly and checked many people off our list. 

That evening Dan and I went out to dinner and then came home and watched a holiday romantic comedy. My idea of a perfect evening. 

We woke up Sunday and leisurely got ready for church. Dan made breakfast. I curled my hair. Three services later we were ready to pick up the girls and hang around the rest of the evening. We put away laundry, wrapped a few presents, and watched the Chiefs win another game. 

I am working the beginning of the week, but then hope to take the next 1.5 weeks off and am so looking forward to some concentrated family time. Have a great week! 

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