Wednesday, December 16, 2020

December Catch Up

 Hello there and happy middle of December! 

(Dan and I on one of our very romantic moving trips to the dump.)

I hated to stop my blogging routine, but the combination of busier work plus a busier life plus not knowing what to say in this weird time when so much judgement of what people say or do is occurring. But instead of writing and documenting my life, I have spent extra time reading more of that judgment, which wasn't healthy for anyone. 

So, here I am, happy to open a blank blogging screen after a month of walking down the stairs, pouring a cup of coffee, spending time in study and prayer to fill my cup up, and then immediately draining my cup by scrolling Facebook for 30 minutes. 

We had an amazing Thanksgiving! We celebrated at my sister's house where she mastered her first charcuterie board. 

We hung out all day, cooking, drinking Old Fashioneds, and playing lots and lots of cards. Memorable moments include Dan accidentally shattering my sister's crockpot minutes after we arrived and our dog Lola eating an ENTIRE turkey. 

We spent the rest of the weekend and following week moving Nonnie out of our rental house and into our basement. The timeline was rushed because our amazing and talented realtor friend sold our house faster than we could get it on the market. We are beyond thankful to have the house sold and the responsibility of owning multiple homes out from under us. We are also enjoying having Nonnie so close and look forward to when her living quarters are completely finished so she can feel more settled and at home. 

The next week Ina turned eighteen, I mean, eight. We celebrated as a family by drinking warm butter beer and watching the Harry Potter movie of the book we had finished the weekend before. 

The following weekend Brooke and I took a few of her friends to Build-a-Bear, which was just about as cute as can be.

Watching Ina walk with her friends in the mall (albeit with stuffed animals on their backs) made me realize just how grown up she is. 

Ina has also had a few basketball games, which I just love to watch. She currently is more interested in cheering her team on than going after the ball, but how can you fault her heart for that?

Mira continues to closely resemble a wild animal, complete with marled hair and growls. Due to the colder weather and social distancing, she leaves the house approximately once a week to go to church and otherwise looks like this: 

Her current dress of choice is the one she wore to my sister's house at Thanksgiving and found a pair of scissors and cut holes in it. She has reminded me how interesting rationalizing with a three year old can be and one battle I choose not to fight every morning is over what Mira is wearing. I certainly experienced this with three year old Ina, but Cora sort of skipped that stage, or maybe I just didn't notice? Bless her middle child heart. 

Cora has also started a camp type basketball, which I have yet to witness due to the divide and conquer activity strategy that Dan and I currently have. However, Dan said that she is fast and makes baskets and surprisingly reported that "she is actually kind of athletic." Cora came home excited to tell me, "Mom! I have a coach! I have never had a coach before!"

Ina and Cora also continue to love dance and recorded a Christmas show at the studio. I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

I am continuing my morning jog plus my LJW workout. If you are a lady looking for a new workout routine, I would strongly recommend joining our virtual group of amazing women. Ina occasionally joins me to run or do core work, but just as often lays on the couch and watches me exercise.

We spend many nights by the fire, watching a Christmas movie and listening to the girls play in the toy room. It is a good season. 

(When one fireplace isn't quite enough. Ha!)

After this week our schedule looks so empty and manageable and I am genuinely looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our family. The majority of our shopping is done and our Christmas cards are sent. The girls and I had planned to go to Texas to visit family over the weekend, but sadly decided it would be safer/wiser to cancel our trip and stay home. 

I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying this different holiday season. <3 

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