Monday, November 9, 2020

Mom was Confused

 Good morning and Happy Monday! 

Sorry to disappear on you last week, but every week night can be summed up like this: it was dark and I went to bed. 

Just kidding, an early bedtime wasn't possible because apparently daylight savings time doesn't suck the energy from my children like it does me. Ha!

Ina started basketball practice on Wednesday and true to her personality showed me how she played defense, which looked very similar to a dance move she had learned, moving her arms around her like a ticking clock with a beat. 

Friday we went to our friends The Dowdys' house for dinner and really enjoyed chatting with them while the kids played. 

Saturday morning started with a long walk, then work, then taking Ina to dance and Cora to basketball...except Cora's basketball doesn't start for a few more weeks. She was slightly disappointed until I told her we could play at the park until Ina's dance was over. 

Later, when Dan asked Cora how basketball was, she simply shook her head and answered, "Mom was confused."

I spent the rest of the day clearing out the storage area in the basement and made a lot of progress! We still have a long way to go to clear everything out, and even longer in the way of getting Nonnie moved in and the basement done, but....a little less than we did before. 

I tried to keep the kids outside most of the day to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. The leaves were pure entertainment. Brooke came over to chat while I made dinner (veggie sloppy joes on tater tots!). I took a bath and was in bed before 9 PM.

Sunday started with another beautiful fall walk and then I headed to my dear friend Sarah's baby shower.

The decorations were beautiful and the food was amazing, but the best part was seeing some of my favorite people that I rarely get to see. I even won one of the games!

I left there with a full heart, drove to pick up my family from church, and then went to my nephew Bauer's birthday party. 

The kids played with their cousins well after the sun went down and Dan and I loved talking with Jessie and Cody. We drove home and did something we almost never do - picked up dinner from a drive through (Hawaiian Brothers- it was delicious!). 

We have a busy week ahead, so I am shutting down to get a good start. Have a great week. 

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