Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween 2020

Good morning and Happy Daylight Savings Time Monday!

Like most parents, I am not a huge fan of the time change, but I have to admit I love naturally waking up before my alarm for a few weeks. Our Halloween weekend was a good one. 

Friday night we regretfully declined three different invitations to do something fun and instead brought all the toys up from the basement (to make room for Nonnie's things) pulled all of the toys out of the toy room, and sorted through them to decide what was staying and what was going. 

This massive chore stuck around for most of the weekend, but I am happy to report that by Sunday afternoon all of the remaining toys were tucked in their new home and my living room floor was visible once again. 

Saturday morning I worked and then took Lola on a beautiful and sunny run + walk while the girls and Dan went to dance class and then a parade.

We then packed up our things and headed to watch my nephew Kauffman win his superbowl football game. After the game we quickly changed into costumes and headed out to trick or treat around their neighborhood.

Ina was Hermione from Harry Potter and, as Hermione is my favorite character of all time, I don't think I could have been more excited.

Cora was a fox and rocked her bushy tail as it swayed from side to side as she walked.

(PSA: Easter baskets also work as Halloween buckets)

Mira wanted to be a princess, and then a spider (Spider girl or a girl spider? We never figured that one out.), and then a puppy, and after purchasing and returning two different costumes I told her if she wanted to get candy she couldn't change her mind again.

When that didn't convince her, I told her I would pretend to be a mommy puppy if she would be a baby puppy and that sealed the deal.

After the first round of houses Jessie and I dropped the dads and the kids 5 years and younger off at at the house and walked for another hour around with the older kids. Jess and I agreed that their ages of 7 to 10 were the perfect trick or treating ages. They require very little herding but still are so excited to receive their treats (full size Snickers! A box of Skittles! A package of Ramen noodles!).

We came back to Jessie and Cody's house for soup and a fire, while the kids enjoyed unmonitored access to their candy buckets. 

I enjoyed an early morning walk on Sunday, where Lola and I came as close to a coyote as I would ever like to be in my life. Then we had church and serving and watching the Chiefs win and laundry and driving to pick up Ina and Cora who had stayed the night with their cousins.

We ended the night with Ina showing off some of her new skills she is learning at acro class and teaching Cora how to make a human square.

After a chapter of Harry Potter it was lights out and we are ready to tackle this week.

I hope it is a good one! <3

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