Thursday, October 8, 2020

Why We Vacation

Good morning! 

I had nothing to say yesterday, so a post just didn't happen. I used the extra time to add another mile to my morning run and it was a perfect and beautiful fall morning to do so. I have two days to finish the 2.25 hours I have left in my most recent audio book, before I go back on the 8 week library hold list. Let me tell you, running in the dark while listening to a scary(ish) book is a great way to elevate your heart rate. 

I have spent most of my free time the past 48 hours negotiating underwear details with a three year old. Suddenly, absolutely none of the panties in our house are acceptable for her to wear. She also refuses to go without, which I must admit was the first solution I attempted. Bless her heart, she has tried many different tactics to convince me she should change her panties for the 10th time in the hour. They are too big. Too small. Wet. She doesn't like the picture on them. They aren't her's. Sigh. 

I have always told myself I would not live vicariously through my children, but I can't help but look forward to posts from their schools showing what they did or worked on that day. I really liked Ina's paragraph she wrote about a vacation we went on a year and a half ago. 

That right there is why I make vacation such a high priority in my life and for our family. Those weeks stick out in our memory when so many others all blend together and fade away. 

Cora also had her bike-a-thon yesterday and when I picked her up from school (Nonnie had a doctor's appointment), she proudly said, "Mom, I got a medal today! I won my bike-a-thon! We all won!" I later watched the video her teacher posted and laughed when Cora was riding on the back of the bike while another kid was pedaling his heart out. Smart kid.

The past two days have been pretty much part of our routine. Workouts that kick my booty in the morning. frantically getting ready for the day, work until the girls come home, then make dinner and move on to the evening's activity - Tuesday Ina had dance and Wednesday we had small group. 

Dinner last night was delicious: no latta meatballs (I couldn't find the recipe online, but it is in this cookbook), salad, and roasted carrots. 

Minimal chopping plus only sheet pans to clean up are the way to go. 

I hope you have a great Thursday! The weekend is almost here! <3

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