Friday, October 30, 2020

Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences

Hey there and Happy Friday! 

I just ordered the girls matching Christmas pajamas, so life is good over here. 

The girls came home last night after spending the night with Grandma Frankie, with huge smiles on their faces and painted pumpkins in their arms, telling me all about the pumpkin patch they visited the night before. They didn't have school yesterday or today because of parent teacher conferences. 

The past few evenings I have had virtual conferences with Cora and Ina's teachers. Before I go any further, if you get annoyed with people bragging about their kids, you probably just want to scroll on down to the recipes today. No hard feelings. Ha!

Wednesday I had the joy of talking to all three of Cora's preschool teachers who were so excited to tell me about how Cora has blossomed this year. They described her as motherly,  the leader of the classroom, and a friend to everyone. They showed me some of her beautiful artwork. They said she was ready to go to kindergarten today. They might have even called her a "Little Ina." 

(Watching the birds in her classroom.)

Cora adores her school and her teachers and sometimes even cries when she can't go to school first thing in the morning. I am so thankful for them for loving her and providing a place for her to learn and grow. 

Last night I met Ina's teacher face to face (screen to screen?) for the first time, although we have communicated via email many times. 

She literally gushed as she told me all about how gifted Ina is in reading and math. She told me Ina is very creative, thinks outside the box, and doesn't back down from a challenge. She motivates other students to learn. Her maturity is impressive. Her default activity is reading. She said the words, "I stinking love her."

Ina obviously loves her teacher too, and I am so thankful for her to be in Ina's life this year, during a time when Ina really benefits from the extra stimulation and guidance. 

And then we have Mira, who isn't in school yet, but definitely keeps us entertained and on our toes with her 20 wardrobe changes a day.

This year has made me realize I need to be thankful for things when they are going well, and although I know that schools could close again in the future and I might not always have the easiest parent teacher conferences, right now is great, I could not ask for better teachers for the girls and I am grateful. 

Dinner has been amazing the past three evenings: 

Tuesday: grilled chicken thighs (using this Ethiopian spice mix) and Atakilt Wat (Ethiopian cabbage stew <- don't let the name fool you. This dish was simple and delicious and a great way to mix up the same vegetables we eat everyday.)

Wednesday: Teriyaki salmon with roasted broccoli (on the same pan as the salmon) and sweet potatoes. 

Thursday: yellow chicken curry (I added a whole head of cauliflower to the recipe. I also get my curry paste from Amazon - thanks Danielle for the tip!) I will add that this was way too spicy for the girls and they ended up eating sandwiches and sliced cucumbers for dinner. 

I hope you have a great Halloween weekend! 

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