Thursday, October 1, 2020

October Goals


Anne always says it best. 

Happy October! I feel like I blinked and September disappeared. My new job and school are underway. The pool is closed. We have to wear pants. And socks. 

Now that life is a little more settled, I feel comfortable planning for the month ahead. Here are a few goals and habits I want to keep up:


  • Close all of my rings on my watch. My daily lunch time walk has greatly helped to improve my step count and I was ONE day off for September. So close. (Darn, still one day off on active calories - I forgot to wear my watch and one day off on standing - it was a very busy work day.)
  • Continue my healthy habits of daily prayer and bible study, drinking 100 oz of water per day, and exercising some way daily. (Prayer, bible study, and exercise happened - I can't say 100 oz of water happened every day. I will keep trying.)
  • Focus on keeping my mood and anxiety level and not getting too worked up about things. Jesus and I are working on this and making big moves. (This was great! I really think adding running, and therefore endorphins, back into my daily workout routine has helped a lot with my anxiety.)


  • Go to the pumpkin patch - I promised Cora I would take her back. (I did not take them back to the pumpkin patch, but Grandma Frankie did, so I am counting this as checked off.)
  • Continue our nightly "Wows and Pows" conversation and Harry Potter listening. Hopefully we will finish this book by the end of the month.  (We aren't even close to finishing the book, but continue to listen 4 to 5 nights a week.)
  • Order Halloween costumes (Done - thank God for easy goals and Amazon Prime.)
  • Put away the girls' summer clothes and organize their fall/winter clothes. (Done! This was a huge weekend time suck, but putting alway their laundry and picking out their clothes is much less stressful now.)


  • Reach out to two new people per week. Starting a new job virtually makes meeting everyone a little challenging, but I am hoping my smile and enthusiasm can come through my instant messaging. Ha!(Close! More like 1.5 people per week. It was a busy month!)
  • Complete two training courses (Technically I completed one training course and then started reading a training book, so I am going to give myself a gold star for this one.)
  • Complete three projects I have never done before. (This should be easy, as almost everything I am doing is something I have never done before. Ha!) (I have done SO MANY things I have never done before. In one month I calculated a sample size for rental and hepatic impairment studies, created figures using R (a new to me software instead of Phoenix, a software I am much more familiar with), wrote the clinical pharmacology section of a new biologics application, wrote two popPK modeling reports, and helped with a TPP. I still have so much to learn, but I love seeing the progress.)
I hope you have a great Thursday and a great first day of October!

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