Thursday, October 1, 2020

October Goals


Anne always says it best. 

Happy October! I feel like I blinked and September disappeared. My new job and school are underway. The pool is closed. We have to wear pants. And socks. 

Now that life is a little more settled, I feel comfortable planning for the month ahead. Here are a few goals and habits I want to keep up:


  • Close all of my rings on my watch. My daily lunch time walk has greatly helped to improve my step count and I was ONE day off for September. So close.
  • Continue my healthy habits of daily prayer and bible study, drinking 100 oz of water per day, and exercising some way daily. 
  • Focus on keeping my mood and anxiety level and not getting too worked up about things. Jesus and I are working on this and making big moves. 


  • Go to the pumpkin patch - I promised Cora I would take her back. 
  • Continue our nightly "Wows and Pows" conversation and Harry Potter listening. Hopefully we will finish this book by the end of the month. 
  • Order Halloween costumes
  • Put away the girls' summer clothes and organize their fall/winter clothes.


  • Reach out to two new people per week. Starting a new job virtually makes meeting everyone a little challenging, but I am hoping my smile and enthusiasm can come through my instant messaging. Ha!
  • Complete two training courses
  • Complete three projects I have never done before. (This should be easy, as almost everything I am doing is something I have never done before. Ha!)
I hope you have a great Thursday and a great first day of October!

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