Tuesday, October 27, 2020

No Mo' Sno' Running

Starting off today with some good news: Dan fixed my treadmill! I marched downstairs with my laptop in hand determined to figure out why the incline was stuck at the highest level and sure that I could Google my way through. Unfortunately, 20 minutes later I was not any closer to figuring it out. Dan eventually took pity on me and after three minutes of inspection determined that a button was stuck. He unscrewed the top, and messed with some wires until it was fixed and I don't think I have ever loved him more. 

I will still plan on running outside when the temperature is above freezing...but I am sure thankful for a functional treadmill on snowy 28 degree mornings like today. Lola and I ran a few miles in the snow yesterday before my LJW HIIT workout and she kept stopping and giving me the "we're seriously doing this?" look.

Saturday - cookie dough dip and cards; Monday - greens and data science. Balance.

Nonnie spoiled me by making dinner (yankee pot roast) and doing the dishes while I was working, so I was able to relax after work and read a few books to the girls. It was lovely. 

After dinner Cora and Mira finally convinced us to let them go outside and play in the snow. I just didn't have it in me to get them all bundled up in clothes they would only wear for a short time but would add to our already large laundry pile. Instead, we threw coats and gloves over the dresses they already had on. 

Surprisingly, they only wanted to play in the snow for a few minutes. Ha! Eskimo Cora even made a snow angel. 

I am off to run + arms. I hope you have a great Tuesday friends! 

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