Monday, October 26, 2020

Moms Weekend

Good morning! I am listening to the (October!) snow coming down and hitting the window, thankful for shelter and a furnace and a big cup of hot coffee. It would appear I need to fix my treadmill today...or suck it up and try walk at a 10% incline. 

Friday afternoon I closed my laptop a few hours early and headed out to meet some friends for our annual moms weekend. On my way I stopped by my grandparents' assisted living facility to say hi. I have not seen them face to face in months, and I am so thankful their facility is allowing 15 minute visits in the entry way. This pandemic is heartbreaking in so many ways, and one of them is how isolated the elderly are during this time. My grandma did request a tiger print mask though, so I need to make that happen. 

After saying goodbye, I drove to meet a few of my dearest friends for one of my favorite weekends of the year. We set this time aside to relax, eat, drink, play cards, and chat, and that is exactly what we did. 

This year we rented an adorable cottage in downtown Lee's Summit. As soon as we unloaded our bags and changed into our matching inside joke t-shirts, we walked to dinner at 3rd Street Social then came home to play cards. 

Chessa ordered us personalized playing cards from Shutterfly, which really come in handy when playing a game that requires each player to have their own deck. We stayed up in the wee hours chatting on one bed, just like a high school sleep over.

Saturday morning Danielle and I woke up to run a few brisk miles, then we went to brunch at Neighborhood Cafe. We spent the rest of the day lounging, playing cards, and throughly enjoying the opportunity to talk without the interruption our normal craziness brings.

I made bacon brussels sprouts carbonara for dinner and we (somewhat reluctantly) showered and dressed to go to The W - a super cool speak easy. We came home to cold leftover pasta and more cards.

(I didn't even realize my mask matched my shirt!)

We slept in on Sunday, made eggs, bacon, and avocado toast for breakfast, and played one more game of cards before cleaning up, putting our mom hats back on, and heading home. 

I was so excited to see my family and hear about the fun things they did while I was away. I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon organizing the clothes in Ina's room...which as you can see was quite the undertaking. 

Before (I wish I could blame this on her - but the changing of the seasons combined with her changing sizes and a huge volume of inflow garage sale clothes from Nonnie was the perfect storm to create a room of clothes chaos.)

I am so excited we will be able to find clothes that she can wear again. Ha! Here's to a great week!

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