Thursday, October 22, 2020

Fistfuls of Kale

 Good morning! 

Yesterday, hours after I had posted that I was determined to go on a lunch time walk no matter what, I almost didn't. The sky was misting and I had just had my hair cut the night before. I had so much work to do and there were many household chores that could have been accomplished in those 15 minutes. 

But, I tightened up my hoodie, put in my ear buds, and out I went. Thanks for holding me accountable.

For breakfast I sautéed up some kale with leftover taco meat and had enough time to sit at the table to eat. I almost forgot that the best way to get gets to eat their vegetables is to eat them yourself. It didn't take long before Mira had pulled up a chair and was asking for bites, and when I wasn't fast enough, she just used her hands to eat fistfuls of kale. 

In full disclosure, she didn't eat any of her dinner, so I don't always have wins like this.

After work (when I was so excited to have programmed some plots from a challenging and messy input file for the first time!) I quickly made dinner while also getting the house ready for small group. And when I say "getting the house ready" I mean quickly doing the bare minimum in the 20 minutes I had - giving the toilet a quick clean and running the vacuum while not yelling...and then eventually yelling at the girls to pick up their toys. 

See - anyone can host a small group. 

Dinner was ginger scallion chicken with shaved brussels sprouts salad. YUM. 

I am off to workout (run + shoulders/abs). I hope you have a great day! 

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