Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Fighting for Light

Hi there! Good morning!

My breakfast views yesterday. 

(Aren't they beautiful?)

(I usually add a few eggs to random leftovers from the fridge and call it breakfast.)

Monday I had to work a little later than normal and Ina had kids small group and last night I escaped to have my hair cut and a few highlights put in - what a treat!

The days are full and feel like they are getting shorter. Cora keeps looking out the window and asking, "Why is it still dark?" or "Why is it already dark?" When daylight savings time hits I know I will be tempted to get in my pajamas by 5 PM. 

Like so many others, the lack of light effects my mood and energy and this year I am determined to fight back. I now work from home and if I am not careful I can let whole days go by without being outside and before I know it I will be in a funk. A few strategies I have:

  • I purchased a light therapy lamp for my office. I will report back on what I think!
  • Keeping plants or fresh flowers in many rooms in the house. I have a black thumb and keeping fresh flowers around might be a bit of a stretch considering I only shop at Aldi and am pretty frugal, but it is a goal to have! I have also started a succulent collection in my office and purchased a fiddle-leaf fig plant for next to my desk (if I ever get that cleared out - ha!). 
  • Creating a habit of a lunch time walk outside for at least 15 minutes - no matter what. I have found that having an audio book to listen to greatly motivates this habit. Also, Lola starts giving me the side eye if I don't make a lunch time walk happen.
  • Having moments to look forward to - this is more for after the holidays, as those have built in cheer. This will be particularly tricky considering the challenges of this year, but I am hopeful we can make it work. This is why I love planning - I can always flip through my planner and be excited about what is coming next.
  • Little mood boosters light lighting a candle, having my nails done, drinking hot tea, or fun hand soap. For little investment these bring big sources of joy for me. 
  • Of course keeping up my current healthy living habits of daily bible study and prayer time (the most important source of light!), practiced gratitude, drinking plenty of water, exercising, eating lots of vegetables, and getting enough sleep. These are in no way minor, but by themselves haven't been quite enough in the past few years.
I would love to hear other strategies if you have any. 

I don't have any recipes to share - we had tacos/taco salad for dinner on Monday and grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts on Tuesday. If you are looking for a light and fun book to read, I really enjoyed American Royals and am looking forward to the sequel. 

I hope you have a great day! 

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