Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Cora's Photography

 Good morning! 

Yesterday was filled with so many bright spots - a HIIT workout that left my legs very sore today, filling out a new planner (oh the joy!), finding a solution to a problem/question at work, and a Chiefs win last night!

Ina had kids small group at church, so I made dinner (chicken tinga tacos with slaw) in between dropping her off and picking her up again. Dinner was interesting because Ina was distracted with wanting to start on her homework assignment from school (an invention to solve a problem!), Mira was so tired she was eating with her eyes closed, and Cora could barely hold still telling us stories from her day. 

During the game Cora took my phone and started taking pictures, which included a picture of me at my best end of the day leisure, 

Dan's armpit and her sisters,

and many pictures of her Patrick Mahomes socks, from every different angle. 

If it were up to Cora, she would wear these socks daily. I have to hide them from her on non-game days. 

She is quite the photographer, huh? 

I hope you have a great day! <3

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