Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Who's There?

 As a follow up to yesterday's post - one way to get more steps in is to install a new security system, "arm" the house, leave your phone and only means of "disarming" the house upstairs, and then absentmindedly let the dog outside or walk to the garage fridge to get a soda water, or a snack, or something out of the van, and have to sprint up the stairs before the police are called. 

There were a few close calls yesterday, but even with those sprints, running a mile before working arms + back, and folding a load of laundry on the kitchen table and putting away each pile one at a time, I still only had a little over 10K steps. This was due to 4 hours of meetings to start my day and then 4 hours of working on a project that had me glued to my chair to end my day. Instituting a lunch time walk will have to happen.

But back to the "security system" - we were totally sold by the door to door salesmen and although there may have been a cheaper option, I am pretty excited about it. I am most excited about the camera on the pool that rings an alarm and alerts my phone (and also my watch) when a person is in that area. That is a priceless safety feature. 

The girls had so much fun talking to each other through the various cameras and doorbell. 

(Mira has randomly gone outside to ring the doorbell and yelled, "Who's there?" into the mic. She is hilarious.)

After work yesterday, Ina had dance and Cora went to play at Holland's house, so after I cooked dinner (very simple air fryer pork chops seasoned with magic mushroom powder and instant pot kale and carrots and a container of cottage cheese), I walked down to Brooke's house to chat for a bit. 

We wrapped up the night listening to Harry Potter, everyone's favorite. Have a great day! <3

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