Monday, September 14, 2020

Two Birthdays, One Weekend

 Hello there Monday!

I woke up at 4:30 for some "alone time" only to be joined by a sleepy eyed Mira who picked a movie to watch that she has never seen before, so naturally she has 20 questions a minute to ask. If I randomly type, "I don't know" or seem extra grumpy to lose my single hour of quiet, you know why.

We had such a great weekend soaking in some family time while celebrating Mira's birthday on Friday and my birthday on Sunday.

On Friday morning I tried to sing Happy Birthday to Mira many times, and every time she would stop me and say, "No no no! Not yet!" We picked up some donuts to bring to Danielle's for the day and as I kissed her goodbye she yelled, "Wait, you have to tell me Happy Birthday! Sing it! With my donut."

Poor Danielle had to listen to my solo of Happy Birthday. 

That afternoon we threw some stuff in the car (and forgot many, many things), were on the road by 5 and after a few stops, we made it to Branson and were sliding head first into water by 8:30. 

That night we closed the water park down running from one fun thing to the next while trying to keep my eyes open. 

The next morning we hit up the breakfast buffet, then went to both the outdoor and indoor water park where Ina went down the big slides,

Cora loved the medium slides,

and Mira went from being petrified of the big bucket dumping out water to running there as soon as she heard the bell ring. 

I have mentioned before that I have a hard time "playing" with my kids, particularly when the demands of the house/life are right in front of me. However, even a stick in the mud like me can't help but have a good time, as a little hands drag me from one feature of spraying water to the next. 

We showered and then hit the town to ride the gigantic ferris wheel. Making sure to keep things interesting, Mira dropped her paint set that she somehow had in her hand (why?) from the tip top of the rotation and watching something fall that far would make any mom tell her kids to sit in the middle of the bench.

We then hit a few stores where the girls each picked out a toy (Ina- an intricate connect the dots book, Cora - a purse with a stuffed dog in it, and Mira - a princess wand and tiara). 

We had some amazing BBQ for dinner and then came back to the hotel for bumper cars. Ina and Cora were in the same group as 3 boys a few years older than Ina, but that didn't stop them from trying their hardest or having a blast. I was so proud of them. 

Sunday morning we squeezed out a little more fun with leftover BBQ for breakfast and one last trip to the pool and water park. 

We grabbed some pizza before we left and then stopped by my grandma's house where she and my mom spoiled both Mira and I with birthday gifts. Then we came home to a big surprise!

Brooke and her family, who had been watching Lola for us over the weekend, had decorated the house for my birthday! I walked in the door through streamers!

AND she brought my favorite - carrot cake! 

I cried when I read the sweet cards they wrote - such a nice thing to do to make a girl feel special. 

The laundry pile is high and I have no idea what we are having for dinner this week - but it was a good weekend indeed. 

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