Wednesday, September 30, 2020



Last night Dan went to a friend's house to watch the debate, so I was parenting solo and attempting to catch up on a week's worth of laundry after being out of town, which called for before-bed TV. I walked into my room to see them watching their favorite show all curled together and my heart warmed. They are sometimes so rude to each other, but can also be each other's best friends. 

Minutes later Cora climbed onto the top of a stack of laundry baskets and then toppled into the dresser and bloodied her nose, so I was thankful for the few moments of peace we had prior. 

Speaking of thankful, I am constantly remembering Jennie Allen's words, "Gratitude is a weapon that slays darkness." Finding habits and strategies to have a consistent attitude of thankfulness is a work in progress for me, but here are a few big thoughts from the past few days: 

  • Having people in my life to take over my responsibilities so I could go on vacation. Nonnie kept Cora and Mira. Brooke kept Ina AND took care of Lola. Someone covered for me at church. Someone else covered for me at work. Danielle and Hannah volunteered to cover for any gaps in childcare that I might have. These were all big favors and I am so thankful for these people. 
  • School is in session and continues to go well. The girls are THRIVING and I am so thankful for their teachers. Ina and Cora both come home and can't wait to tell me about their days. 
  • I am in a workout routine that I love and genuinely look forward to. This includes a shorter run plus LJW video on weekdays, a longer run on Saturday and a long walk on Sunday. 
  • I am still learning so much at work. I know the next few years will be a learning curve, but I am here for it and ready to eat this elephant one bite at a time. 
  • Jesus. Always. 

(Cora at school!)

(A random skillet lunch of everything in the fridge that was still good after 5 days out of town.)

I hope you have a good day! We have small group tonight, so I am putting in an order for Chipotle now. Speaking of food, we had Moroccan meatballs for dinner last night - one of my faves! 

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