Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sort of Packed

Good morning! 

Today is our last night of real life before Dan and I skip out of town to the beach for a few days. We are sort of packed. The girls' schedule is sort of set. The girls are sort of packed. It will all be fine. Fine.

Yesterday I sent my first deliverable to a client, which is an exciting work milestone. I am continuing to be mostly in learning mode, but it is so nice to be useful and productive when I can be.

After work I started dinner - instant pot Coq au Vin - delicious!  Then Brooke and Holland rode with me to take Ina to dance and we came home to Dan finishing up the mashed potatoes while Mira had changed into her dance tutu (that girl is desperate to start dance classes, but I have a feeling getting her to conform to a class structure/routine will and had somehow found ribbon and wrapped it multiple times around her neck. 

No pictures again today, unless you count this super flattering picture I accidentally took when trying to figure out why the automatic doors on my van (95% of the reason I own a van) weren't working. I shouldn't be surprised that when I let the battery of a vehicle die twice in one week, other things (like the side mirror always set straight down) are going to eventually happen. 

I am off for a quick run. I hope you have a great hump day! <3

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