Wednesday, September 9, 2020

So Many Questshins

 Good morning and Happy (unofficial) Fall!

Yesterday morning I ran outside comfortably in shorts and a tank top. I knew the weather was supposed to cool down, so I sent the girls to school in leggings and t-shirts (but no jacket!). The next time I stepped outside was for my lunch time walk, and brrrr! The jean shorts and t-shirt I wore left me very chilly. I immediately came home, changed into leggings, steeped some tea, and put on my slippers.

This is what the next 6 months of my work from home life will look like. I might invest in better slippers. Or perhaps even fur lined crocs. Yep, I am that cool.

I spent most of the day yesterday staring at and hashing out the details of FDA guidance documents, so my bleary eyes were relieved to see the clock turn to 5 PM. 

Ina put on a leotard (and a jacket!) for dance, Cora played at the neighbors', Dan grilled pork chops, I chopped a salad and made sweet potato fries. Mira, well, who knows what Mira was doing? I am constantly having to look for that child, making sure she didn't wander off somewhere or isn't putting something into an outlet. 

Dinner was so simple, but has quickly become our Tuesday night meal - grilled (or air fried) pork chops with cucumber and onion salad and roasted sweet potato fries. 

(I added a huge pile of sauerkraut after I took the picture). 

The lamp on our giant TV (that my dad gave us) went out again, so I am enjoying these completely TV free evenings. I did end up ordering a new one, because football. 

I will leave you with some of Ina's work from school. Her spelling make me smile from ear to ear. 

I, too, have "questshins". 

Have a great day! <3

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