Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Monday Rally

 Yesterday was everything I could expect from a Monday after a quick weekend trip away. The kids didn't sleep well and were grumpy (I might also have been in that category). The laundry wasn't done and all of the things we needed were scattered across the house. My body was crashing from the pizza and cake I had eaten the day before (but were both so, so, so delicious). 

However, we rallied, put on our princess dresses and accessories, and got to work. 

(Mira is sporting all of her birthday presents.)

I spent the day working on a presentation I have this morning, plus a project that requires a lot of learning on my end, so the day flew by. Before I knew it, Ina was off the bus and in my office, pressing buttons on my printer while I was attempting to wrap up work.

Last night was the first night of kids small group since March. We were so excited to add this extra sense of "normalcy" back into our routine. 

Then Dan and I cooked dinner - ginger lime shrimp with roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli, I put a big dent in the laundry, and laid out clothes for the week. 

We finally finished the third Harry Potter book and are hoping to have a party watching the movie on Saturday. We started the fourth book, but I am slightly concerned it might be a little too scary for the girls. We might have to switch series for a few years. 

I am off to run plus do an arms + back workout. I hope you have a lovely Tuesday! <3

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