Thursday, September 10, 2020

Lunch Trade

 Hi there! How is your morning going so far?

I just spent my monthly blow money on Athleta's Friends and Family sale, so I can't complain. 

Yesterday was filled with so many great things - I will bullet them out for you:

  • I started learning something new at work, in a group learning type atmosphere, which is how I learn best.
  • I traded Brooke a leftover grilled pork chop for a fruit and veggie packed smoothie during my lunch time walk with Lola. I clearly received the better end of that deal - yum!
  • My lovely friend Noelia, who I met in North Carolina, who currently lives in Australia, but is from Argentina (where I went to her wedding) called and hearing her voice warmed my heart in ways I can't even explain. I was so excited to talk to her I burnt the bacon I was cooking for BLTs in the oven.
  • Dan sold one of his "old crappy trucks" as the girls say. Now we only own one "old crappy truck." 
  • We had a great small group discussion while the kids ran outside screaming like their lives were ending. 

The rain is coming down, which likely means I won't be able to run (I need to fix my treadmill before winter gets here), but Lexi has a cardio bonus workout that I might try today instead. I am so excited for Chiefs football tonight and Mira's 3rd birthday tomorrow. How? Just How? 

Have a great day! 

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