Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Labor Day Weekend 2020

Good morning!

I am sitting on the other side of one of the most relaxing weekends I have had in quite some time, recharged and ready to tackle this 4 day work week.

Friday night we went to our friends Brian and Steffanie's house for dinner and fun. We walked into a beautifully decorated home with an amazing charcuterie board for the adults and a bounce house and bubble machine for the kids. 

Dinner was amazing (burgers, corn on the cob, broccoli salad, watermelon and some amazing apple pie and ice cream for dessert) and afterwards the kids played outside while the adults played cards, and then came inside to watch a movie while the adults continued to play cards. While we were there Steffanie continued to meet every single one of the girls' hearts' desires - a painting kit? sure! Slime? Here you go! Chocolate syrup and sprinkles in a bowl? Of course! A puppy? Why not? 

We were all sad when we had to leave way past our bedtime and can't wait to hang out with them again. 

Saturday morning started with a 4 mile run/walk and then coming home to hang out around the house for a little bit. We were sad to say bye to Miss Tricia and Mr. Anthony and their boys who had been staying with us off and off this week while they moved into their new house, had it painted, etc. We all loved having them here - house guests are so fun. 

Then we spent the morning just hanging out. Dan and I taught Ina the game that we had played the night before - Nerts and she quickly became obsessed and by Monday she was beating us! 

Dan and the girls wrestled. I cleaned out Ina's art cabinet (sheesh). We swam in the pool. We had nachos/taco salad for dinner and Brooke and Holland came over for play more Nerts. Brooke surprised both Dan and I when we found out she grew up playing this game and she dominated us. 

I have no pictures from Sunday, but that only reflects how great of a day it was. I started with another 60 minute walk, with a little bit of running here and there. We then went to church, where we could talk to so many of our favorite people. We came home to hang out for a bit and swam as a family, and then headed out to Danielle and Kyle's house for cow tongue tacos. (I actually do have a picture of the cow tongue, but I will save your stomach this morning and keep that to myself.)

Our friends Hannah and Ryan were also there and we spent the afternoon/evening chatting while the kids played. Dinner was delicious (the cow tongue tasted like pulled pork!) but the company was even better.

Monday started with me adding things to my online shopping carts and then changing my mind and not purchasing anything (my favorite way to waste crazy amounts of time), and then a 2.5 mile run plus a HIIT workout that left me dripping. 

We then had another day of just hanging out. Dan and I cleaned out the grill, which we needed to do a few years ago.

I put away all of the laundry and there was a 5 minute time period where every article of clothing in our house was clean and put away. I set out the girls' outfits for the week. Ina had a friend over for a play date and they painted and swam. The Bollingers came over to join the kids in the pool. We ate dinner and were in bed before 8:30 in time to listen to Harry Potter.

As you can tell, we ate at others' houses this weekend, but I did make a few things.

We brought lava cakes to the Champs for dessert. (Funny story about that - when I was melting the chocolate and butter in the saucepan, the end of Danielle's spatula broke off into the pan, but when I pulled it out I thought it had melted off into the chocolate. We dumped the whole thing out and then saw the end of the spatula at the bottom of the pan. Sigh.)

I made this chicken thigh marinade with roasted carrots and green beans for dinner last night - so good! 

I hope you have a great week! <3

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