Monday, September 21, 2020

Harry Potter and Pumpkins

Friday started off with me rushing around to get out the door in time to take the little girls to Danielle's and back in time for Ina to make the bus, only to find out I had left the van lights on the night before and the battery was dead. Thankfully, our wonderful neighbor Mike smoothly saved the day by instantly handing over the keys to his car. Ina made the bus and I made my morning meeting. Whew - we continue to be the Hot Mess Express. 

That night we went to The Kellogs' house for dinner and fun. Steffanie spoiled us with another beautiful charcuterie board, a delicious wedge salad, and amazing lasagna. Of course the company was even better and we ended the night playing ping pong (I mostly watched and chatted) and eating some delicious desserts.

Homemade ice cream sandwiches and unicorn ice cream cones!

Saturday started with an early run (3 miles!) and then work, errands, and taking Ina to dance. That afternoon Dan and I went through new teacher training at church, because we have decided to serve in the children's ministry! I will be in the nursery and I can't wait to get my baby fix in. 

Then we came home and got ready to watch the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  The funniest thing - Cora gets the word "Azkaban" confused with everything. One day she was trying to figure out the link between Aladdin and Harry Potter because she through Agrabah - the city where Aladdin is based - was the same as Azkaban. Then yesterday, I told Dan I was taking Ina to her "Acro" class and Cora nearly threw a fit that we were going to Harry Potter World without her. Gosh I love her.

Anyways, our friends The Kellogs came over to our house and we made chicken pot pie, grilled cilantro lime chicken, a chopped salad, and...butterbeer shakes.  That recipe is delicious, but not exactly how I would imagine butter beer to taste. I am on a mission to find a better recipe for the next movie. 

The kids made a pallet on the floor, argued over bean bags, and shared many bags of popcorn. 

Sunday started with a long walk and then heading to church for worship and then serving in the nursery. Dan was in the elementary room and when I asked Ina how staying for two services was, she answered that she loved it, but didn't pay attention as well in the second service. Dan later informed me this meant she was busy chatting with her friends and had to be separated. Oops. 

We came home to leftovers for lunch and me doing all of the laundry and packing in preparation for the week ahead, plus our trip towards the end of the weekend. I finished just in time to put my feet up and watch the Chiefs game. 

Before the game was over we headed to the pumpkin patch for Holland's birthday party. Mira, who is trying to drop her nap, but if put in a car for longer than 5 minutes past 3 PM just can't hang. 

The girls had so much fun at the pumpkin patch, which might be Cora's favorite place on Earth. When we had to leave she just kept hysterically asking, "When will we be back?!?" I love birthday parties where just as many of my friends are in attendance as my kids'. 

This is going to be a short and crazy week, but we are giving it a try. Have a great one!

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