Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hard Mornings

 Here is your daily reminder that I do not have my life together: I spent the first 10 minutes of my day cleaning up coffee grounds from my coffee pot, counter, and floor because I forgot the filter. Sometimes you just can't prepare enough to account for the chaos that follows you. BUT! Today is still going to be a good day! Cora and Mira have their yearly check ups at the doctor and we have small group tonight.

Yesterday I enjoyed a slightly longer run (fall morning runs are the absolute best), blazed through a workout video, and then hysterically attempted to get the me and the girls ready for work and school 45 minutes earlier than normal because I had a presentation at 8 am. 

After Mira was on her third princess dress that I told her she couldn't wear and she told me she didn't like me and I found Ina in her room playing with her microscope half way dressed and hair dripping when she was supposed to be putting her shoes on, I may have lost it. 

We all took deep breaths, prayed, and hugged it out. Whew, mornings are just hard. I helped Ina write out a checklist for today, hoping that if I stop micro-managing her morning, she can get the basics done on her own. 

After my presentation (which went great, minus an obvious typo in my slides) and work, Brooke had rented a slushee machine for work and made all the neighborhood kids an afternoon treat. The girls were so excited. 

Then Ina had dance and finished up the laundry and made dinner. We had this pecan honey mustard salmon (without the breadcrumbs - still amazing), roasted brussels sprouts, and baked sweet potatoes. Cora ate her salmon (which I told her was the pout pout fish) and asked for more of "the green things." Mira barely stayed in her seat and went to bed without eating anything. Ina had strawberries for dinner after dance. 

You can't win them all. I hope you have a great day! <3

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