Friday, September 11, 2020

Happy Birthday Mira!

 Today is a big day for the Kendrick house. For the first time in almost 8 years, we no longer have a "baby." 

I have strongly held the stance that as long as Mira was 2, I could still refer to her as "the baby" even when later people see her and then ask "I thought you had a baby?"

"She's only 2! I can still call her a baby!"

But as Mira is quick to point out when I use "baby girl" as a term of endearment, she is now a "big girl." Over the weekend she successfully buckled and unbuckled herself from her carseat, a feat that neither Ina nor Cora mastered before graduating to a booster, so I suppose I have to concede. 

Although of course, just like Ina and Cora, Mira will always be my baby and I can't picture a time when I won't pick anyone of them up in a big bear hug and breathe them in just like I did when they were born. 

Mira is so fierce and determined that she often has a scowl on her face, disappointed that things didn't go exactly how she expected them to. However, when that scowl disappears, the reward of her huge smile makes it even better. 

She will often tell me, "No, Mom, I'm nice now!" and she loves to laugh when others are laughing. She loves dresses and will change clothes at least 5 times a day if I allow it. 

Mira still says, "cheese poopy face!" every time I take a picture of her and she dances anytime music is turned on. 

She continues to be the most perfect addition to our family that we didn't know we needed. 

We are celebrating with a little family weekend getaway - although the odds of us actually "getting away" at a decent time are low as I have done nothing other than throw random clothes in a basket while I was doing laundry. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend! <3

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  1. She is my favorite stink face. I will never forget her stink eye with me trying to get her in your car swiftly followed by a stink eye because I wasn't going in the car with her. I am so fortunate to count you and your beautiful bebes among those I love.


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