Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Getting More Steps

 Yesterday was a day. 

I woke up about an hour late because my alarm didn't go off (I think the alarm is something that the kids can mess with when my phone is locked). I couldn't run because it was pouring rain and my treadmill is stuck at the 15% incline and even if it wasn't, there was a sweet family sleeping in my basement. Ina forgot her lunch on the bus. I completely forgot to send a mask with either kid (thankful for the bus driver and teacher who saved us!).

I did, however, muster up enough might to complete Lexi's HIIT workout in the garage. 

Dan and I spent the evening with door to door sales men, who made their way into our house and even though I had sincere interest in their product I just wanted to not be having that conversation, particularly during dinner time (I made Korean beef bowls with roasted broccoli). 

I had a great work day - no complaints work-wise, but the trade off for that was when I went to bed yesterday I only had 9,000 steps for the entire day. Before my new job, a normal day for me was close to twice that, if not more, so I could barely believe the number when I looked at my watch. 

I am proud of and happy about my newfound focus and resolve to concentrate, and therefore stay still, at work. I understand that while I am in a deep learning mode I might have to be a little more sedentary, but I am not OK with that degree of tradeoff. A few solutions/compromises I have thought of:

  • Eating lunch while working and using my "lunch time" to go on a 30 minute walk.
  • Walking around my office (or even outside?) during meetings (this would work if our meetings weren't video calls, which many are, and if I don't need to take notes during the meetings, which I often need to)
  • Going up and down the steps twice anytime I use them - just to add a little extra. 
  • Assessing my steps at the end of the workday and if less than 10K, going on a walk with the girls and Dan (weather permitting, of course). 
  • Setting up a treadmill desk, although I don't know how well I could focus on my work while walking.
Any other suggestions? 

I am off to run! I hope you have a great Tuesday! <3

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  1. I've always wondered how well a treadmill desk would work!


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