Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday Ramblings


(That picture was taken by Brooke a few days ago, but how could I resist sharing me and all of my fashion glory with the internet?)

After work yesterday I drove to the dance studio and home again three times, dropping off Ina and Cora and picking up and unloading groceries the first trip, picking up Cora and making "dinner" the second trip, and then picking up Ina the third trip. 

Cora had her first day of her new dance class. 

After, with her sister who didn't get to dance but did get a unicorn leotard because I am not fighting that battle.

I say "dinner" because I served my kids chicken fries, strawberries, and chips and salsa. Dan went out to dinner with a friend, so I didn't have it in me to cook and chauffeur while also solo parenting. I tried to last minute order dinner on the Chipotle app, but using that thing with all the choices x 3 kids was more difficult than coming home and making something. At one point while I was trying to sear up a burger for my dinner, Mira was upset that I put her milk in the pink cup with the green lid (because I couldn't find the pink lid) and she threw it on the ground. She saw my face and immediately ran to pick it up and clean up the milk that trickled out. I had one of my favorite quick salads - I just have to keep hamburger patties in the freezer at all times. 

Just before bedtime Brooke asked if Ina could come down for a surprise. I read the text out loud and Ina was out the door before I could say anything else.

She came home with a "best friends" necklace from Holland, which I think is just about the most precious thing ever. Ina told me she wasn't going to take it off until her neck grew out of it. Have I mentioned how absolutely thankful I am for the support and love we have? 

Steps update: yesterday I ran 1.5 miles (instead of 1) AND went on a lunch time 20 minute walk (albeit slow and short due to Lola being afraid of the men hammering on a deck across the street) and although I did reach 13K steps, that number is nothing compared to my "old normal." I will continue with forward progress!

I am looking forward to a low key 3 day weekend! I hope you have a good one! 

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