Friday, September 18, 2020

FIVE Servings

Thursdays are the evening when I run around from place to place (dance-HyVee-Aldi-home-dance-home-dance-home), but you know what? I kind of love it. 

I do miss hanging out with the girls, and the destruction in the path of our Mira-tornado is still very visible (she seems to need every single toy in the house when playing solo), but it feels good to get so much done in such a short period of time. Dan helped last night by making dinner AND doing the dishes so that each time I walked inside I was not overwhelmed by the tasks left in front of me. 

We had tacos with braised kale and carrots and sliced cucumbers. I know the cucumbers might sound weird, but the girls' yearly pediatrician appointment always reminds me they are expected to eat five, yes FIVE servings of vegetables per day. I was proud of getting them to eat a solid two, sometimes three servings per day, but now I feel like I need to bulk that up. So, random vegetable sides are going to be a thing around here. Oh, and lots of ranch dressing. 

I ate my taco meat on top of the braised kale and carrots with a healthy dash of balsamic vinegar on top and although Dan looked at me like I was crazy, I absolutely loved it. 

A few Friday recommendations, just in case you are looking for something to spend money on.

  • This sweet and spicy tea is amazing. I will be drinking this all fall and winter long. 
  • Dan convinced me to join the Black Rifle coffee club, and I have to admit their coffee is delicious. My favorite is the AK Espresso. I really like their cold brew pouches too. 
  • I ordered this shirt while listening to our family's nightly chapter of Harry Potter last night and I don't know if I have every spent $15 more wisely. 
  • I bought this running belt (phone/money/headphones) holder for walks with Lola, but I seriously use it all of the time. It is particularly useful when camping, going to the pool, waterpark, etc. when I don't want to carry anything, but want my phone with me. #momlife

I think that is enough for today. We are looking forward to a pretty chill weekend other than packing for our trip next week! 

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