Thursday, August 13, 2020

Writing Things Down

Good morning! Ready for a random post?

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day that started with a 1 mile run with Lola + a lower body workout that left my legs quite wobbly. 

(We post an after workout selfie in our Facebook group everyday, if I remember. Apologies, but this is what you are stuck with.)

I took a mid-day break from work to take Ina and Cora to meet my aunt and uncle and niece and nephews to start on their road trip to Texas.

I am so excited for the kids to have this experience together. I have distinct childhood memories of road trips to Texas to visit their family and love that this is repeated for my kids. They have sent videos and pictures, so I will be living vicariously through them for the next week.

Back at home we hosted small group where we, once again, had growing and life giving discussion and fellowship. We are currently discussing 1 Corinthians, with reading a chapter each day and then discussing our impression for the week. In preparation of discussing, I started writing down a few thoughts/notes each morning and I was shocked to see how much more information I retained by the end of the week.

This should not be a surprise to me, as I have always remembered something once I have written it down. I studied for tests in pharmacy school simply by re-writing my notes. Once I wrote them again, I basically knew the material. I often write my grocery list, only to leave it on the kitchen counter, but that doesn't really matter, because once I have written it I know what I need. When I write family memories on this blog, I remember them more clearly. When I think of Ina as a baby, the first things that come to mind are moments I have written about here. 

I singularly knew these things about myself, but hadn't put them all together until recently I had a lightbulb moment when I was struggling to focus during a meeting and thought, What if I write it down? I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing down my impression of what everyone was saying. Very quickly my focus shifted and following the meeting was no longer difficult. Since then, I have started wondering what other activities could benefit from this trick of increased engagement and participation. A few that come to mind:

  • Taking notes in the margins of the papers I am reading. I have tried for years to read papers on my computer, but the same screen that has the paper also has my email and Amazon and many other distractions. Printing the paper and reading with a pen in hand makes a huge difference.
  • When listening to an audiobook, writing down major points or thoughts when they strike a cord or the end of each chapter. (I did this while listening to Atomic Habits, and have now started Unashamed)
  • Writing down my prayers. Not just a prayer list, but full sentences and thoughts. 
  • Starting a thankfulness/gratitude journal. Perhaps it is time for a Thankful Thursday post comeback? 
What else? I realize that this is going to increase the amount of paper I use and then ultimately may want to store/keep. Just when I was starting to clear out my office and make everything electronic...ha!

I hope you have a good Friday eve!

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