Sunday, August 2, 2020

Playing Catch Up: The Second Half of June 2020

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Wow, a whole lot has happened since we last talked, both in the world and in my little family. I don't have a great reason for not blogging, other than sitting down in front of my computer for leisure has completely fallen outside of my routine, and here I sit, struggling to remember the last two months of my life. 

Thankfully, Google Photos and my diligent planner writing will serve as reminders and the meat and potatoes will be captured (quite literally). I am hoping to write a few catch up posts over the next few days, starting with rounding out the end of June today. 

We will start with a very short trip to my aunt and uncle's lake house. 

Ina and Mira both tubed with me, but I can't say either of them were completely happy with their decision. 

Many times Dan doesn't find one flamingo print to be sufficient. 

Although we were there for less than 24 hours, we tried to squeeze the most fun out of each moment. Dan and I drove back as quick as we could on Sunday morning for our church's first in person service! Worshipping at home was much more challenging that I anticipated and while I understood/understand that some people feel the need to continue to worship from home, I needed that service in my bones. I sat in the front row and soaked in every single second - it felt like coming home after a long trip.

The big girls stayed an extra night at the lake, but Mira came home with us. She took full advantage of her older sisters being gone but taking over the dress up clothes.

It feels like she has transformed from a toddler to a kid overnight, with a strong personality to boot. When I say strong, I mean she can swing from the fiercest sweet, to the meanest snarl, to the angriest scowl, all within 3 minutes. But, when she is sweet, she gives the gentlest kisses and tells me I am the best mom in the world. I am going to focus on that for today. 

We celebrated Father's Day by serving Dan breakfast in bed, going to church, and then heading down to my dad's farm for some 4 square volleyball (<-- so fun!), go-kart riding, and grilled pizza.

The girls absolutely love playing with the cousins and cry every time they have to leave them.

I can't remember the circumstances that led up to Mira not wearing any clothes in this pictures, but I do remember trying to place her so that you could't tell. 

Although this pandemic has resulted in many horrible things, a silver lining has been our neighborhood. One night a few of our friends planned a spa night for the girls - complete with gold masks, up-dos, and manicures. 

On another night we were able to watch my nephew Kauffman pitch at one of his baseball tournaments. He has a very sneaky pitch!

While I didn't capture any pictures with him, I did get a few of the girls with their giant popsicles, so not all was lost.

We ended June with our 3rd annual small group reunion, where we invited everyone who has left our small group to join our current small group for a super fun party. We kept everyone outside this year, but my heart exploded just as big with every family that walked through that gate. 

These people have helped to build the backbone of our family through tough conversations, life giving hugs, sincere prayers, and both happy and sad tears and we appreciate every single one of them. Looking at that picture a month later still gives me all of the feels.

We finally bit the bullet and and paid for the remainder of our house to be painted. While I am thankful we took the time to paint the majority, our motivation was fading fast and I am 1000% happy with our decision to outsource the work. Note to future Racheal - if you ever decide to be frugal and paint something yourself you will likely regret it. Also, don't let Dan pick out the paint without you.

I hope you see you tomorrow morning with the first week of July!

Recipes to share from the end of June: (I am cracking up at this, because three of them are on our plan for this week.)

- Sweet potato sloppy joes (a friend told me she served this on top of tater tots - mind: blown)
- Perfect pulled pork - my favorite way to feed a crowd

Have a great Sunday! <3

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