Friday, August 28, 2020

Marine Biologist

 Good morning and Happy Friday! 

This week has been incredibly stimulating, to say the least. My work days have been full of (virtually) meeting new people, learning new ideas, and working on new projects, which are all great and exciting things. Even so, my brain hasn't had this level of stimulation, combined with the constant stimulation of three children, in quite some time, if ever. By the end of the day, I sit in sort of a trance while we listen to Harry Potter.

Another exciting thing I discovered is that Ina's teacher has been posting about her work on an app I sort of forgot about. 

(She wants to be a marine biologist.)

I opened it last night to see all sorts of stuff she has been working on and learning. Have I mentioned how incredibly thankful I am for the girls' teachers? They are true stars. 

Yesterday's shoulder workout left me sore, yet searching for heavier weights on Amazon. #Goals. Ina got off the bus and left for dance before I even ended work for the day. I played with Mira and Cora for a bit and then made dinner (eggroll in a bowl).

How much longer do you think my core strength can keep both of them on my back? 

This weekend is looking pretty chill, and I am here for it! Have a good one!

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