Thursday, August 6, 2020

Laundry and Lemonade

Good morning! 

Swimming in temperatures under 80 degrees requires warming up in the sun while mom hurries to grab the towels. Now that we are all caught up, I can actually blog in close to real time. Yay!

Last weekend was the first weekend in a while we didn't have any plans, so I took full advantage of the opportunity to get my life back together. First on the list was clearing out the laundry room. I took Marie Kondo's advice and removed every single thing from the room, closet, cabinets, and drawers. The contents of this one room spread out over my entire living room and kitchen. Just when I thought I was close to being done, I opened another door and the clown car of stuff continued to pop out. 

We threw some stuff away, deposited other things in their intended spot, placed a few items on a "Free" table at the end of the driveway, and carefully selected what would be allowed to return to the room. What resulted was a neat, organized, and USEFUL space that still makes me smile every time I walk in. 

The true challenge will be keeping it this way, as with most laundry rooms, ours' is the family dumping ground of random bags, stained clothes, and stray toys.

Ina took full advantage of her parents being distracted and the "Free" table outside luring people to our house and decided to start a lemonade stand. 

Our sweet neighbor and friend Kim (Who also had just cut the girls' hair and later knit them masks. No, you can't have her.) called the police department and told them she would buy if they stopped by for a cup of lemonade.

Ina was so excited you would have thought she was serving celebrities. She ran into the house and squealed, "The police are coming!" and ran back outside. (I wasn't a part of the original conversation, so you can imagine how confusing this was for me until I walked outside for the clarification. Ha!) 

We also had so many other sweet neighbors stop by to purchase Ina's 50 cent lemonade, but judging by her profits I think everyone was overly generous for powdered Country Time.

She has spent each day since counting her money, searching for things to purchase online (including, but not limited to AirPods, and iPad, slime galore, and a tomagachi), and begging to make more lemonade.

After church on Sunday and a delicious salad for lunch (that I had to share with Mira who spotted me eating and followed me to the dining room), I tackled the kitchen cabinets in the same way that I did the laundry room the day before. 

I only got to the top half before I decided I had done enough work, but am again really happy with the removed excess and increased organization. Having a junk drawer that I can open is a very big deal.

I woke up to a surprise on Monday - my nephew Kauffman helped with one of Lexi's workouts. He made the workout even more fun than usual.

We spent Monday and Tuesday as a family, swimming while dinner cooked, cleaning up together (how can I make this continue?), and jumping in bed early to listen to Harry Potter. We are almost done with the second book and the girls continue to beg to listen every night. 

We had small group with a few friends last night and sat on their back patio having growing, life giving conversations in the beautiful 70 degree evening while watching the kids play. 

Recipes from this week: 

Magic mushroom powder - I know it sounds weird and I know dried mushrooms aren't easy to find, but I just added them to my Amazon subscribe and save monthly delivery so I can always have this deliciousness on my grilled chicken and roasted veggies. The flavor is oh so good.

BLTs - no recipe link, just a friendly reminder that this is fresh tomato season and YOLO. 

Curried beef and cabbage with turmeric rice and beans - all three of the girls cleaned their plate with this meal of different spices and vegetables. Although this kind of dinner success is rare, Dan and I were excited to finally see some payoff in our attempt to expand the girls' eating habits. Full disclosure - they still eat Golden Grahams for breakfast and I buy Goldfish at the store weekly. 

Oven braised Mexican beef - amazing flavor with very little effort.

Have a good Thursday! The weekend is almost here!

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