Monday, August 31, 2020

Just in Case

 Good morning and Happy Monday!

(Mira and Cora dressed themselves for daycare on Friday. If you are wondering what was in Mira's purse, it was $15 that I had no idea she had and a spare pair of panties - just in case. Ha!)

I must admit that I am not nearly prepared for the week as I was last Monday, but we are going to make it work. 

Before I closed my laptop for the weekend, I could hear friends start to trickle in from my upstairs office. A few families came over for swimming, talking, playing, and a baked potato bar that was created by everyone other than me. I provided bacon only, but it was absolutely delicious and so fun and I was thankful for these friends that know I was not capable of thinking about such things during the first week of my new job. 

Some of our other friends had a problem with their housing situation during moving from one house to the next, so they stayed in our basement over the weekend. As soon as Dan got home from work he had to clean the toilet and pick up all the dress up clothes all over the ground, because although I wish this were the case, our house is far from guest room ready at all times. 

Saturday I walked with Lola, made a few patient phone calls, and then drove Ina to dance. We returned to hang out for a little bit until Grandma Frankie came to pick up the girls for a sleepover. Dan watched political YouTube videos and I went for a run and then listened to Midnight Sun (sorry not sorry. I feel like I am 21 again), while folding and putting away 7 loads of laundry. Then we went on a date for the third weekend in a row. Who are we?!?

Sunday I went on another long walk and then chatted with our guests until it was time for church. After church we went out to eat with some friends (look at us!) and then pulled in the driveway just after Grandma Frankie, who had nothing but fun to report. 

The girls had so much fun that they were a little on the cranky side, so after a failed attempt at playing cards and then swimming, we had them all take showers, put on pajamas, and turned on a movie. This is my strategy for fixing all bad moods.

We ended the weekend by making dinner and chatting with our house guests. 

Dan did most of the cooking this weekend, so I don't have many recipes to share. I did make this chopped salad last night that I love and think is the perfect side dish. 

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

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