Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Instant Pot FTW

 Hello there! 

I have been skipping setting my alarm and instead waking up to the noise of the pre-set coffee grinder, which is a much lovelier sound to wake up to. However, this only works when I remember to press the pre-set button the night before. I suppose I needed that extra 45 minutes of sleep. 

Yesterday started with a mile run (I am loving these little short distances to get me started) then an arms + back video that left me sore today. The girls went to camp (bike day - win! forgetting to put sunscreen on Cora - loose!), and then Ina had her first dance class of the new season.

Cora (and maybe Mira!) start after Labor Day. I continue to be surprised and baffled by this dance mom life I am living. While Ina was at dance I picked up my Instacart order from Aldi, put the groceries away, and started dinner. 

We came home to Dan finishing dinner up and everything ready on the table - instant pot spaghetti sauce (<--so much flavor! I added mushrooms because I like to hear the girls complain) with roasted Brussels sprouts. The girls and Dan also had noodles and garlic bread. 

While the Instant Pot was out I hard boiled some eggs and they aren't lying when they say the shell just peels right off. I don't know if I will make them any other way. I was very hesitant to add the Instant Pot to my kitchen, but I think it is more than earning the space in my pantry. 

We watched 30 more minutes of Harry Potter before calling it a day. 

I hope you have a great Wednesday!

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