Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Good morning!  

Yesterday was bike and scooter day at summer camp, so the girls came home with all sorts of good stories. We ate a delicious dinner (moroccan meatballs, rice, cucumber and onion salad), watched the church sermon we missed over the weekend (wow!) and finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets just in time for the big girls to go to Texas for the next few days. 

It finally happened. I ran out of milk, bread, and coffee and didn't have the time in my schedule to go grocery shopping without the girls. If I had taken them inside a store and had to make sure all three of them didn't touch anything and wore a mask the entire time, I would have surely forgotten half my list and possibly lost my sanity in the process. 

Instead, I typed Instacart in my browser, got a coupon code referral link from a friend (use this link for $10 off your first use of Instacart!), and started adding groceries to my cart. A few hours later I parked my van at Aldi and a lovely woman loaded bags of groceries in the back while the girls stayed buckled in their carseats. 

Years ago I tried a similar order online/pick up at store service with Walmart and also had groceries delivered to my house with HyVee Aisles, but I have to say Instacart is my favorite for the following reasons (although I acknowledge the other programs may have improved with this as well):

  • I was able to pick up my groceries within a few hours of submitting the order and making modifications, instead of having to do so half a day or more in advance.
  • I could monitor my order being "shopped", see when something was out of stock (canned beets), and tell the shopper that passionfruit soda water was not an acceptable replacement for my out of stock lemon flavor, give me lime instead, please and thank you. 
  • I had the opportunity to talk to my shopper at any time through the app. I wonder if I would be able to add something last minute to my order? 
  • There was a $1.99 fee, but other than that I didn't notice the prices with Instacart being that much different than in-store. 
  • Aldi is my favorite store. I am comfortable and familiar with the products and prices, so I am so pleased they finally have this service. 
Do you use this type of service? Which is your favorite and why? 

I hope you have a great Wednesday!

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