Friday, August 7, 2020

Four Friday Thoughts

Hello and Happy Friday! 

Yesterday was a great day that started with a mile run with Lola plus a workout that left my shoulders on fire and ended with shrimp for dinner, lime wine with Brooke, and almost finishing Harry Potter.

I took two pictures - one is the salad below and the other involved Mira discovering her potty training seat that was in the garage, ready to be given away, and her using it, and, um, not aiming well. Although I won't share the visual horror with the internet, I will say that she carried the whole thing inside like a present ready to be opened and Dan, Brooke, and I laughed so hard we could barely breathe. 

Let's just say that thing went straight to the trash can, which I had dug through only hours before to find my retainer that the sweet woman who helps clean had accidentally thrown away. That's right, never a dull moment around here. 

A few thoughts to share:

1. I am trying to consistently get some greens in for my mid-day meal and am seriously loving a modified version of this Chinese chicken salad. If you like texture, flavor, and crunch, you will not be disappointed. I added kale to this, used grilled chicken breast instead of chicken thighs (although the chicken thighs are great with it) and didn't have oranges, carrots, or sesame seeds. Still amazing. 

2. Habits. I am 75% through listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear and my mind is a frenzy, alternating between being surprised by his anecdotes, reaching a moment of clarity, thinking of new habits I want to try and old habits I want to break, and all of the ways I can implement those changes. I plan to completely organize my thoughts and planned actionable steps here in bullet format once I have finished reading the book. You have been warned. 

3. Macronutrient tracking - a concept I have heard about for a while, but have never really done before. Lexi has encouraged all of her members to look into this, so I am giving it a try, using My Fitness Pal. I have to be careful with this type of activity, because I can tend to be a little obsessive about it, so I am giving myself grace and using my goals as loose guidelines instead of hard and fast rules. 

Two things that have surprised me: first, is that even though I would consider my diet high in protein, it wasn't high enough to reach my goal of 35%, so I had to strategize ways to add more. I am really enjoying Vital Proteins Collagen Whey, that doesn't have any artificial sweeteners, and is instead very lightly sweetened with a hint of banana powder. Second is that when I focus on that much protein, my overall calorie intake is lower because I am much less hungry

4. We have decided to send Ina and Cora back to in person school starting on August 24th. There are so many choices out there and things to take into consideration, but this is the clear right decision for our family. We have, however, decided to keep Cora is preschool one more year, as her birthday is so close to the cutoff and we hope school kindergarten will be a little more "normal" in 2021. 

I have ordered masks on Etsy, school supplies on Amazon, and new shoes from Gap, so judging by my credit card statement, we are all ready to go.

We are headed to the lake tonight after work, so yay for the weekend! <3 I hope your's is a good one. 

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