Monday, August 24, 2020


Good morning!

(Cora, busting out of her unicorn Happy Napper, wearing a unicorn bow, unicorn dress, and unicorn slippers.

As I have endlessly mentioned, today is the first day of school and the first day of my new job and we are so ready. The food is prepped (superhero muffins, chopped veggies, and roasted chicken breast), the schedule is made and prayed over,

the girls bags are packed, 

lunches assembled, 

and my desk is set up with my new equipment! 

Still looking for some motivational quote(s)/verses to hang on the wall above my desk. Those succulents on the windowsill were purchased a week ago and Mira has already dumped them out twice, so it will need to be something that is resilient. 

Saturday started with a walk with Brooke and Lola, a few patient phone calls, and then driving Ina to dance where I jogged 2 miles around a nearby track and did Lexi's Saturday ab workout on the ground. FYI, grass doesn't stay in the ground when you try to pull on it to help you with single leg suitcase crunches. Ouch. 

We came home to quickly organize the bows in the girls bathroom. I ordered the frame from Amazon and had Dan add some nails to hang the scrunchies and hair ties on. 

Then Dan made BLTs (we can't stop right now) and we had an afternoon of swimming. 

We quickly got ready to take the girls to Aunt Cindy's house (bless her for agreeing to babysit last minute) and met most of our small group for a rare adults only dinner at Marina27.

Good grief, this night was amazing. The water was beautiful, the food was as delicious as could be imagined (I had the chilean sea bass with lobster risotto), but of course the best part was talking to some of our favorite people without interruption. 

We left with full bellies and hearts to pick up the girls. Ina didn't want to leave because she was playing Phase10 with her cousins and Cora didn't want to leave because she was holding their guinea pigs, who we literally had to pry out of her hands. She just didn't understand why we couldn't take "one binny pig" home with us. Bless her heart, she just wants a small animal to hold for the rest of her life. 

I met my friend Ryann for a Sunday morning walk, made muffins, and then we headed off to church. 

(Notice the bows. Ha!)

We spent the rest of the day prepping for the week. 

Watching Ina pack her school bag was just the cutest. She told me we are going to "butt heads" because we both have "strong opinions" on organizing. 

After everything on the to-do list was checked off we swam and ate a delicious dinner of air fryer pork chops, roasted sweet potatoes and sautéed cabbage. We ended the night with baths and listening to a whole chapter of Harry Potter. 

I hope you all have a great week!

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