Friday, August 14, 2020

Everyone Agrees on BLTs

Hello and Happy Friday! This week has absolutely flown by, particularly with the big girls being away. Mira is living her best only child life and is marking her territory appropriately.

She took a doll chair out of Ina's room, placed it in front of the TV, and comfortably sat there while I did my workout video.

After shoulders/core, we made the last minute decision to run the 1.2 miles to Nonny's house. This of course required me to climb to the back of the garage where the single BOB was stored, dig through the tool box to find the appropriate air hose attachment, and stumble through airing up the very flat tires.

Once I ran inside three more times for things we forgot and put Lola on her leash, we were off!

Something I learned: running with a dog on a leash is easy. Running with a stroller isn't too bad. Walking with a stroller and a dog on a leash is moderately challenging. However, running with a stroller plus a dog on a leash is exponentially more difficult, as I continued to be pulled in multiple directions, Mira spilled her water and refused to sit down, and Lola was interested in many different smells along the way.

Once Mira was at daycare, I ran back home to stare at my laptop for 8 hours, then Dan came home we argued for a few more (#reallife). We finally agreed that BLTs with our fresh garden tomatoes would make everything better...and they did.  

The night ended with me telling Dan I would be gone for 10 minutes at Brooke's house to pick up a t-shirt, and coming home an hour and a half later with a smile on my face after a nice chat with her, McKenzie, and Robby. I just love summer. I don't want it to end. 

I hope you have a great weekend! Dan and I are looking forward to a little double date getaway. <3

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