Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Don't be Bossy

 I went to bed yesterday feeling all sorts of thankful. The girls and I thrive on structure which was mostly removed from our lives in March. I know I am not alone when I say that transition was difficult. Very difficult. We were fortunate enough to find ways to add routine and activity outside of school (Nonny's house! Summer camp!), but there is something about going back to school that makes everything seem right again. I recognize that everything is actually not "right" and that there is always the chance the schools will have to close again, but I am choosing to be thankful for yesterday and the sense of normalcy that came with it.

The day started with a doozy of a HIIT workout and then getting ready for school and work! The girls each had strong opinions about their outfit choices, hair styles, and sequin layout on their shoes. Ina begged for "straightened" hair and Cora wanted braids with watermelon clips. Mira asked for her usual "Jasmine hair." 

As they were eating breakfast, Cora asked Ina, "Do you remember that time at One More Scoop when you ate a bug?"

Ina laughed, then her face turned serious and she said, "Don't tell that to anyone in your class," then paused and said, "Also, don't be bossy."

I couldn't help but giggle at that last piece of advice that may have been given to Ina a time or two. 

I dropped the younger girls off at Nonny's and then Lola and I walked Ina to the school bus where she wore her mask and had her temperature checked as she walked in the door. 

Then I rushed back home where I started my first day of my new job. After an hour of working with IT, I was fully in business, with every monitor, drive, and application connected and functional. I chatted with my new manager for about an hour and he gave me an idea of what the next few weeks should look like. I am so looking forward to (virtually) meeting new co-workers and mentors and learning new things. Thanks for the well wishes!

Lunch was prepped chicken breast, leftover roasted sweet potatoes, kale, walnuts, and raisins with olive oil and vinegar. So simple yet so, so good!

I was wrapping up the work day when the rest of my family started to trickle in the house and tell me about how amazing their days were. Cora and Ina both had huge smiles on their faces when they talked about how much they adore their teachers and how much they can't wait to go back tomorrow. We FaceTimed with cousins and G, Brooke and Holland came over, and the girls and Dan swam while I cooked dinner (air fryer chicken thighs, cucumber salad, tomatoes, and cottage cheese - nothing special, but everyone loved it). 

Cora even fell asleep while listening to Harry Potter, which is perfect evidence that she was worn out. I pray that today is just as fulfilling. Have a good one! 

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