Monday, August 10, 2020

Diving into Monday

 Hello and Happy Monday! 

We are home from a quick weekend trip to my aunt and uncle's lake house and I already have a case of the Mondays as my pre-set coffee pot malfunctioned and I poured hot water into my cup this morning. Let me tell you that trying to figure out what is wrong with a coffee pot is very challenging when you have yet to consume any coffee. #firstworldproblems

On Friday I picked the girls up from Danielle's and we started our 2.5 hour road trip. Mira slept while Ina, Cora, and I listened to Ina's Wings of Fire book on Libby, pausing occasionally for Ina to explain to us why one dragon didn't like another dragon or what the prophecy said that explained why something that happened was a big deal. While these books wouldn't have been my first choice for her to read, she has really gotten into them and I love hearing the excitement in her voice as she explains something she has read to me.

We pulled up to the lake house just in time for dinner - ribs, sweet potato fries, and asparagus - yum! After dinner we played a game of Pictionary, during which Ina had to eat a piece of humble pie after she bragged about her artistic abilities and then drew a cow that looked very much like a leopard. My uncle spent 55 out of his 60 seconds frustratingly trying to get his team to guess his drawing, when Cora, who had been playing with her cousin Bauer in the other room, causally walked by and said, "Oh, its cheese." I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

We stayed up way too late talking and telling stories and woke up the next morning to bacon and pancakes. We had a lazy morning of watching cartoons and playing cards while we waited for the rain to clear and then headed out to the dock to swim and go for a boat ride.

We stopped by Red Fox, a place on a the lake that has delicious margaritas (and Shirley Temples for the kids) and a fun gift shop where Ina spent all of the money she brought and then somehow also got away with a cute tank top to match Hallaway's. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming off the dock, while Jessie tried to teach Hallaway how to do a backwards dive. Finally, we just decided to show her how it was done.

I am embarrassed to report how many times I have watched that video. I honestly still can't believe I can dive in without doing a straight back flop. 

We eventually made our way back to the house where my aunt had prepared an amazing shrimp boil dinner.  Let me just say that macros were not counted with this meal and I have zero regrets. 

A day in the sun and a full belly called for an early bedtime. We spent Sunday morning squeezing out a little more boat riding and swimming

and then headed home after lunch. We came home in plenty of time to catch up on laundry and go for a nice long walk before yet another early bedtime. 

Now we are back to the real world, where I am thankful my aunt sent me home with leftover shrimp. I hope you have a great week!

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