Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Cora's Fifth Birthday

Just how is Cora five years old?

Wasn't it just a few months ago that I held her pudgy little body for the first time?

Now she is all freckles and limbs and wears her heart at the tip top of her sleeve I don't think I could love her more. 

Yesterday, as we were packing her bag for summer camp, I told her she could pack a normal swimsuit instead of a rash guard, because they were going to the indoor pool. She looked at me in defiance and pride and said, "But Mooommm, you said I am a ginger."

She is even so special she gets a double rainbow. 

Before we get to her birthday, the Friday before we attended a COVID wedding. Our friends Sarah and Phil's May 2020 wedding was rescheduled to the last weekend in June. I was worried that they might need to reschedule again, but thankfully everything went very well. It was beautiful and creative and small and perfect. 

The preacher did an amazing job, leaving Dan sobbing so loud I am certain it could be heard on the video. Then, just when he stopped crying, Sarah's dad Mike gave his speech, which sent Dan into yet another round of tears for a completely different reason. Dan and I both love weddings and always walk away from them a little more inspired. 

These are the same people we went camping with - we just look a little different after we have showered. 

My dress is from Stitch Fix (<--referral link). I continue to LOVE the service and told my stylist that I wanted a dress to wear to a wedding. I love that other than requesting a few items, I don't have to think about clothes and continue to get a few new fun items every month.

This was a date night for us - thanks to my dad who watched the girls!

We had so much fun in the photo booth, including some pictures I chose not to post as it appeared I forgot about the slit in my dress. 

The next day was Cora's actual birthday, but the bounce house we made the last minute decision to rent wasn't available until Sunday, so we went to Big Daddy's Donuts, swam, and gave Cora her requested birthday dinner of chicken pot pies (the 60 cent ones from the freezer section at Aldi). 

That evening we celebrated Brooke's birthday with a few friends. 

I made her my favorite carrot cake with candied pecans a few days later for her actual birthday.

BUT, back to Cora's birthday. Dan and I had decided that our family was over birthday parties and instead would go on trips or to a fun place as a family to celebrate each girl's birthday. However, when we tried to think of all the places Cora would enjoy, they were either closed, required masks, or didn't seem the safest. 

So, an inflatable bounce house waterslide it was. 

Thanks to my aunt and uncle who sent the fun party decorations - Cora felt all of the love. 

I made FOUR of these giant chocolate chip ice cream cookie cakes (add M&M's), cut up some watermelon and veggies, and Dan made salsa and cheese dip.

After all the kids went home, the girls and I spent the last few hours we had the slide going down over and over and over again. I had to grip my feet up the ladder, strategically fling my body over the top, and I was so sore the next day. But, I rarely take that much time to just play with them. It was an absolute blast.

While prepping for the party I finished the longest audiobook I have ever listened to - but it was so good. I have been trying to get into more of a reading groove, and I think I have recently found it that listening to non-fiction audiobooks in the morning, paired with reading eBooks on the iPad before bed is the best combination. 

The next week Ina had her dance intensives. 

She seemed to come home each day with a little more confidence and sass than she left with.

Thanks to Miss Kim for her cute mask! She also made the rest of the girls masks too!

Flowers from my mom for some exciting news!

The next week we helped our friends The Dowdy's move into their beautiful house and had a late night golf cart adventure with Brooke and McKenzie. 

The week ended back at Sarah's house eating my second round of wedding cake and chatting with some of my favorite people.

....and that wraps up July! Could it be that I might be able to blog in real(ish) time tomorrow?!?

Talk to you soon!


  1. How is this child 5 years old. I remember when you had her. Shows how long I have been following your blog. ❤

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