Thursday, August 20, 2020


Good morning! 

I need to come up with a daily writing prompt/outline, because when I don't have direct motivation to write, I peruse Amazon deals and make random purchases. I am now the proud owner of a Happy Camper shirt

Yesterday's run plus lower body left my legs shaking. I did the workout in my entryway while Mira strung beads on a princess necklace, using the 20 second breaks to help her when she got stuck.

During the workday I found out Ina was assigned to the teacher she was hoping for. I told her when I picked her up from dance and she literally stopped walking, put her bag down, and started dancing. I know this school year is going to be so different, so I am trying to savor all of the "normal" moments we still get to share. 

We came home to finish up dinner for small group. I didn't take any pictures, but the menu was:

We went to bed too late and I am hoping the girls sleep in today. Fingers crossed! Off to workout! Have a good one!

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