Monday, June 1, 2020

Matching Tie Dye

Hello and Happy Monday!

I came home from the gym, watered the tomatoes, started a load of laundry, and am typing away until the girls wake up.
Friday Dan and I rode together to pick up the girls from Danielle's, which of course led to chatting, and the Kendricks staying way longer than we needed to.

When the fridge broke, the chorizo in the freezer defrosted, which forced us to make huevos con chorizo. Darn. Brooke and the kids came over and Dan pushed us out the door while he made dinner. The pool looked so inviting but is still so cold, so this was another night of getting all of the swim suits located and donned, finding the puddle jumpers and putting them on, and then sitting on the deck staring at the water and wishing it was warmer. 

Brooke and I went on another short run on Saturday morning. If you count Murph, that is three runs in one week - who am I? 

After a few hours of me working, Dan making a homemade pool heater, me re-planting my kale sprouts, and the little girls crumbling styrofoam all over our yard and and garage (seriously), we loaded up and headed out to Dan's dad's camper open house.

Dan's dad sells the coolest light weight campers and this is an event we look forward to every year. We ate great food, talked with friends and family, and explored all sorts of 'camping things' as the girls like to call them. 

I saw this trip out in public as the perfect opportunity to wear our matching tie dye shirts. The girls insisted that each needed a picture on my shoulders. If they grow any more, I will need to start increasing my weight at the gym. 

We got home just in time for some swimming with the Champs. We ordered pizza and wings, I made a quick kale salad, and we watched the kids swim. Then some more friends stopped by, and we ended with another unintentional Saturday night party where everyone was up way later than we needed to be.

Because the girls and I don't have the ability to sleep in, staying up late is never a good idea, and even though I loved the time with our friends, I regretted the decision most of the day on Sunday when everyone was in less than favorable moods. 

Ina, Dan, and I played Five Crowns, Dan mowed, I did laundry, and we sat around most of the morning, swam in the afternoon, ate an early dinner, listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and went to bed before 8 PM, just the way I like it. 

Some good news from Sunday - Mira has started to tell us when she needs to go use the bathroom! This girl potty trained like a rock star and even though potty training with the pool leads to so many logistical issues, I am so thankful we figured this all out within a week! 

The big girls start summer camp today, so I emptied out backpacks, filled water bottles, and packed snacks. I am so excited for them and beyond thankful the community is opening up this opportunity with certain restrictions in place. My girls need some activity in their lives!

I hope you have a great week! <3


Energy Balls - I made a batch of these for the girls to take to camp.

Easy Kale Salad - I didn't have the mangos, but I wish I did!

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