Saturday, June 13, 2020

12 Years Staycation

Good morning and Happy Weekend!

We are making the mad rush out of the house to go to the lake and you know we will forget everything. Here's hoping all the kids have a matching pair of shoes...

The last time we talked Dan and I were getting ready to celebrate our 12 year anniversary with a kid free stay-cation. Thanks to Grandma Frankie, who graciously agreed to keep our three hooligans. 

Just look at those well rested faces. After reading What Alice Forgot, I have wondered what 2008-Racheal would think about 2020-Racheal's life. While I think she would be surprised about the road it took to get here, I think she would be pleased. :)
After I dropped the girls off on Friday night, I picked up Dan and we headed to Somerset Winery Tasting Room to meet our friends Ryann and Kevin.

Yes, the patio really was that beautiful. 

We have tried to arrange a kid free double date with them for years and we finally pulled it off without a kid being sick. We adore them and had a fantastic evening eating amazing food truck food (<- get the paella),

sipping on delicious hard cider (not too sweet!), and listening to live music. When Dan sweat through his shirt we decided to head back to our house for a night swim. 

Saturday morning Lola and I enjoyed a leisurely long walk, 

I worked a little, and then Dan and I did what any kid free married couple would do - headed to Academy to shop for pool floats. We stopped by for Greek on our way home - delicious.

After relaxing in the pool the rest of the afternoon, Dan and I showered and met our friends Brad and Chessa for another delicious dinner out. 

Brad and Chessa were both in our wedding, so celebrating our anniversary with them seemed fitting.

We woke up on Sunday terribly missing the kids, so while I went grocery shopping for the week Dan drove to pick them up and we were all swimming together by lunch time. 

(Notice the new floats.)

It should be noted that in those 2 days without kids I curled my hair and went out to eat more than I had the entire 2 months before. I'd say we came out of quarantine with a bang. 

We spent the rest of Sunday in the pool, swimming with various friends, which is how we have spent the rest of this week.

The girls play and swim all day at camp and them come home to play and swim some more.  Ina had dance twice. We hosted a small-ish small group swim party. Our door continues to open with friends smiling on the other side, which makes me so happy.

We are making a very quick trip to the lake this weekend and coming back home in time for the re-gathering of our church on Sunday! We are so excited.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Recipes to share: 

Eggroll in a bowl. Every time I make this recipe I wish I made it more.
Crack dip - not ever a little bit healthy but oh so perfect for a pool party, particularly when paired with Aldi's street corn chips.
Sheet pan tandori chicken and cauliflower with cucumber and onion salad - another perfect quick dinner. 

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