Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Shelter in Place Week 6, 7, and 8

Hello out there!

I am finished with work and the girls are amicably playing in the toy room. Dinner is simmering in the crockpot and all of my absolutely pressing to-do's are done - the sink is empty, the laundry pile is down to a reasonable two loads, and I am caught up on book club for the week. Dan doesn't get home for a few more hours, so I hope to turn on the second volume of Disney Family Sing Along and finally write on here.

One would think that I would have more time to write a blog post with staying home, but I have found that simply isn't the case. Per usual, I feel I need to justify my absence here with a list of excuses. They are as follows:
  • Made for This Podcast. I recently discovered Jennie through her most recent book, and I am devouring her content. I adore her.
  • Marco Polo. A few of my friends from high school and I have started a group video chat and we have been spending an unspeakable amount of time catching up with each other and I am just smitten seeing little tidbits of their everyday life. 
  • Anne of the Island - I am continuing to love Anne.
Otherwise, it is the typical work, parenting, life stuff that seems particularly on repeat during this time of quarantine.  Let's continue to summarize the last three weeks in bullet format:

-  Painting

We are FINALLY at a stopping point with painting the walls and ceiling of the living room, incredibly tall entry way, and upstairs hallway. This task took loads more time, energy, and patience than I could have ever imagined and the next time I tell you we are going to paint, get down on your knees and beg me to hire someone else to do it. I am hoping we can wrap up the toy room this weekend, which in comparison seems like a small and reasonable task, before we open the pool next week and want to spend the next four months outside.

We hung the sign to the hotel my grandparents and aunt and uncle used to own and holds so many of my childhood memories right in the entry way. 

I smile every time I walk in the door.

- Camping

We have visited the camper a few more times since we last talked. As we aren't able to do much else, the kids are loving going down to the farm to climb trees, fish, ride go-karts, eat s'mores, and sleep on super uncomfortable beds. 

One weekend was incredibly muddy. While I was thankful the rain only came down while we were sleeping, poor Mira couldn't stand her clothes getting wet and would immediately remove any article of clothing that bothered her. She blew through the four outfits I packed her within a few hours of the first day, so she spent most of the weekend donning only a diaper and a pout.

Please don't call DFS. 

- Mother's Day

(Trying to figure out how to take a picture with my watch. Ha!)

We went on a Mother's Day hike on a local trail. Ina rode her bike, Cora rode her scooter, and Mira rode in the stroller. We stopped off in a creek and Dan and I sat back in awe of our three brave girls, wading through the cold water in their non-water shoes, searching for treasures.

We made the last minute decision to stop by my grandparents' nursing home to talk to them through the window. Quarantine is difficult for so many, but watching them not be able to see anyone or leave is heart breaking. We have attempted FaceTime, but that didn't go so well.

Bless their hearts. 

We have slowly started to expand our social circle...slowly. Every time I see someone in person, my heart soars. I will never again dread hosting a big party.

- Organizing: I cleared eight trash bags of Mira's clothes and filled her closet with size 3T and organized Cora's 40 pairs of shoes.  I can now help them pick their clothes out in peace. Unfortunately, seeing all of her options has only motivated Mira to change her wardrobe even more often than before.

Next on the list is my closet. I still have my Christmas sweater hanging front and center. Ugh.

Pssst: I posted Week 5 here

Meals: we have mostly been repeating recipes we love, but here are a few that we particuarly loved the past few weeks:

- Chicken tinga tacos. YUM.
- Vietnamese Lettuce Cups
- Eggroll in a bowl - one of my all time faves.
- Chicken satay
- Yankee pot roast - fantastic.

Talk to you next week - pinkie promise! <3

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