Friday, May 29, 2020

Interacting Laughing Gas

Hello there and Happy Friday! I am home from the gym and typing up this post before I put my mom and scientists hats on. I hope you have a good weekend!

Memorial Day was a decent mix of rest and work. We sat around most of the morning, but then decided this was the day to power wash the pool deck, which of course led to three straight hours of power washing - the concrete patio, the side of the house, the pergola, the lawn mower, and the Barbie Jeep. Even the Traeger was sparkling clean by the end. Somewhere mid-wash, Ina crept away to her friend London's house, which is a block away. A few hours later, Cora joined her there.

When bath time rolled around, I stuck Mira in the stroller and put a leash on Lola and set off to pick them up. I arrived to Ina crying because she had fallen and opened up a scab on her knee and blood was dripping down her leg. Of course she 'couldn't walk', so I put her on my back. Cora also 'couldn't walk' so she sat on the front of the stroller. The three kids who were playing with Ina and Cora decided to escort us home.

This is how I walked by my neighbors' front porch happy hour - carrying a 7 year old on my back with the blood from her leg now smeared all down my side, pushing two kids in a single stroller, pulling a large dog, who is otherwise perfect but picked this moment to get out of her collar, with three other kids following behind. I am sure they enjoyed the parade.

Before bed, Mira lifted a booger covered finger to me and asked, "Here you go mom. Will you please put this in your nose?"

I barely made it to the gym on Tuesday because I had turned my weekday alarm off for the holiday and woke up on my own 3 minutes after I was supposed to be there. I rolled in caffeine deficient and hair a complete mess, and while my effort was not 100%, I was there and did better than if I would have stayed in bed.

Late Tuesday afternoon Ina's appointment to have her cavities filled finally was rescheduled and we tagged Mira's first check up to the end of it. Miraculously, I have never had a cavity, so I had no idea how invasive the process was. Thankfully, the dentist picked up on Ina's anxiety and gave her some nitrous oxide. Listening to Ina, who normally has little to no filter, blab on and on when the dentist kept asking her to stop moving her mouth was hilarious. She kept yelling at me to come "feel her tooth! It feels like rubber" and every once and a while would ask, 'When is this laughing gas going to start interacting?'

While Ina was in the chair, I was mostly wrangling Cora and Mira still(ish), so I was happy to take Mira in the other exam room to have her teeth counted. On a scale of 1 to 10- 1 being growling/biting and 10 being sitting like an angel, Mira was a solid 5. After a lot of coaxing and toy bribing, she finally agreed to sit on my lap in the chair, but what really won her over was getting to use the water gun. I remember Cora's first appointment and how she bucked like a wild animal, which gives me hope for Mira yet. Ha!

I am just now realizing that despite three different attempts, I didn't get a picture of Mira in front of the dentist height measuring wall. That poor third child.

Tuesday night I met Aunt Jenny to pick up our 1/4 cow! I also purchased a whole pig through Jenny, so now my freezer is full of high quality meat. Purchasing whole animals (or portions thereof) is something I have been considering for years, but finally decided to do. I love that we have so many choices for dinner and meat from questionable places is one less thing I need to worry about picking up at the grocery store. (Of course typing that on Thursday morning caused the refrigerator in our kitchen to stop working, which for us is a near tragedy. The pain of not making my weekly grocery run is nearly unspeakable, but I will survive. Ha!)

Wednesday we hosted yet another perfectly unperfect but amazing small group. The kids played, the adults had life changing discussions, and we ate some delicious food - see links below. 

Thursday Ina had her first in person, at the studio, optional mask wearing dance class. When she hopped in the van afterwards with a smile on her face she said, "Wow mom. I didn't realize how much I missed in person class until I came back." Girl, I hear you.

Then, at the time I would normally go to bed, Brooke asked if I wanted to go for a jog. Even though I had already been to the gym that morning, planned to go again the following morning, and had a glass of wine in me, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to run with a friend on such a beautiful evening.

See - proof I still occasionally run.

This weekend looks like a mostly chill one, but we do have one get together to look forward to. If you are interested in purchasing/renting a small camper, you should join us at the open house for Missouri Teardrops

Links to share: 
Greek chicken burritos/rice bowls/salads - what we fed our "small" group of 30 people, if you count kids. I love this recipe because it is so customizable and everyone walks away happy. I make the pickled onions and chicken as the recipe suggested, but bought the tzatziki sauce. I added a big pot of rice, kalmata olives, hummus, roasted cauliflower, and a few bags of chips. 

Curried garbage stir-fry: such a flavorful, fast, and healthy dinner. A great go-to for us!


Online purchases:
- These sunglasses are adorable and seem very durable.
- All of the sunscreen. WalMart's brand seems to do the trick, and will the pool open and summer camp starting next week, we need some in every corner.

Interesting Reads:

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