Thursday, May 21, 2020

Emerging Back into Life

Hi there!
Potty training can wear a girl out!

I am catching my breath after a whirlwind of the past few days. I am continuing to work from home, with the girls mostly at Nonnie's house (Danielle's on Fridays) during the day. I have always thought that if I were to go 100% home based with work, my house and life would be a little more put together. Unfortunately, this has not been the case - my laundry pile remains high, my sink almost always has dirty dishes in it, and my closet is in desperate need of a clean out. Memorial Day project? Perhaps. Maybe now I can drop the unrealistic fantasy of ever having my house together. It just isn't in the cards for the Kendricks. Ha!

I found out my job is moving to permanently home based, which is not surprising. Then, the next day, my friend Ryann gave me her beautiful desk that was too big for her office. I know I said I was putting the paint away for the summer, but I am now motivated to paint those red and brown walls even more and I might actually purchase something to hang on the wall (versus accept whatever random picture Dan has brought home).

We have slowly branched out socially. I had happy hour at Danielle's on Friday. We went to Ryann and Kevin's house for dinner on Saturday. I am going to the gym every morning (and they are kicking my booty). We have also started in person, at our house, small group again. I know and acknowledge the risk of the virus, but I also know and have personally experienced the impact of social isolation, particularly on my marriage and my faith. Of course we are being careful and washing our hands constantly. When our door opened with guests for the first time in weeks, my heart soared. Our church continues to host services online, but some of the best small group meetings of my life have been over the past few weeks. I think we are all ready to make the most of our time together.

Mira woke up on Monday morning and told me she wanted to wear panties. Over the weekend she told me she "didn't want to pee in her diaper." The combination of the two led to the quick decision of starting potty training, even though I really wanted to wait until I was 100% sure she was absolutely ready before putting an ounce more energy into the endeavor. Nothing frustrates me more than working hard at something without success. Day 1 led to many tears and too many accidents to count, but Day 2 and 3 only had two accidents!

So thankful for Nonnie and her assistance in potty training!

Similar to Cora (<-- I was potty training two years ago on Memorial Day!), I think this is a control issue. She knows this is something she can still control and she doesn't want to give into me telling her what to do. She told me many times when I forced her to sit on the potty that "I am not the boss of her" and that I was "hurting her feelings" when I made her sit on the potty, but I held a stern face and didn't budge from her glares. I think she is starting to realize this is just the way it is. Prayers for the rest of the week and making #2 work itself out.

I am so thankful for the nicer weather and being able to tell the girls to go run around outside. We leave the back door and front door wide open and you never know what kid or creature is going to come inside. Yesterday the girls were flipping big rocks over just to discover what was living underneath. It started with rollie pollies, and then soon progressed to a newt and a large toad.

I so enjoyed watching them, fearless and strong, as they flipped rock after rock, even after I warned them that they might find a snake.

Ina continues to "distance learn" from home for the next month. I took Cora to her school to pick up her stuff and drop off her library books. She was so excited to see her teachers, but did not understand why she couldn't get out of the car and hug them. That girl is a snuggler through and through.

The pool should open up today and I am getting a much needed hair trim. We have a three day weekend coming up with the potential for nice swimming weather. So many things to look forward to!

Recipes to share:
Breakfast salad of kale massaged with olive oil, sea salt, and lemon juice, fried eggs, and pickled carrots.

Spaghetti squash pizza bake: I forgot how delicious this is- all of the kids, Dan, and even some unexpected guests loved it.

Braised kale and carrots- my current favorite side to grilled meat.

Sweet and salty broccoli salad - we brought this to a friends' house over the weekend and I think it will be a repeat pot luck accompaniment.

We have also had nachos, grilled chicken and pork chops, and kaula pig on the regular.

Have a good weekend! <3

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