Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Another Painting Weekend: Shelter in Place Week 5


I found this blog post in draft format, last edited three weeks ago. So, let's go back in time and I can hopefully get completely caught up tonight!

We painted most of the day on Saturday and rewarded ourselves with an absolutely fantastic grilled shrimp dinner and watching Swiss Family Robinson (I forgot how adorable that movie is!) and then The Disney Family Sing Along, which was even better than I could have imagined.

At some point during the day, much to the girls' delight, Brooke delivered ice cream cone kits from the local shop and I am fairly certain they now like her better than me.

Sunday we watched church online and then I helped with the church blog until the afternoon when we...wait for it...painted some more. Who knew this house had so many walls? Everyone else except for me, that's who.

While we were painting Ina and Cora planned a "show" for us that involved the tube Dan brought home from who knows where, a tree branch, and the song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

It was so cute, even though it almost didn't happen because Cora didn't like how Ina "always gave her a job to do." While it was clear that Ina planned the entire thing, Cora added her own pizzazz in the form of silly faces and giggles.

Monday after dinner I insisted that we didn't turn on the TV, which resulted in 30 minutes of wrestling time and then me reading some of "Anne" out loud and laughing hysterically, to the point of crying, when she insisted her student throw a package of fireworks into the classroom stove because she mistakenly thought it was a cake.

I wish I had read these books when I was a girl, but I am loving reading them now to my girls.

...and that is where the writing ends. I will pick everything else back up on the next post!

Meals this week:

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